I've been amused by some responders on the op-ed pages of various publications about the gun issue. Sadly too many of them are the usual arguments made in defense of the lunatic fringe that wants to be heavily armed when the jack booted government thugs come to take way their phallic toys. I would liken this argument to those that preach violence against the government are like the true bad guy biker 1%er's - while middle aged white guys that dress up alike with do-rags and chain drive wallets and putt around in packs on their shiny Harley's to show how ruggedly independent they are give them political clout by paying homage to the whole idea of manliness through bigger guns and loud mufflers. V'ROOOM V'ROOOM.

The GOP's rigid stance reminds me of another time that finally led to change - George Wallace's speech about segregation now - segregation forever. That was wrong then - this is wrong now. What is called for is State Attorney's General to file RICO suits against weapons manufacturers and their complicity in ongoing gun running schemes. Call out those GOP legislators for mimicking mob lawyers defending parties they know are guilty.

The same screamers about the inviolate "right" to own guns and will tolerate no regulations or restrictions from an over reaching government have some selective amnesia issues. In 36 states controlled by these same pleaders they have enacted or are currently proposing legislation to suppress the vote of those that may be disposed to vote against them - a "right," I would argue, more sacred than being part of gun running schemes. Not to mention the 600 or so pieces of legislation in the past two years put forward by these same small government zealots. So please spare me the synthetic outrage. Put some teeth in the unlimited, unregulated straw purchases that flood our streets with armed thugs and have turned our southern border into a war zone - 60,000+ killed in drug violence in the past few years - with unregulated guns from here. All part of the grander scheme to keep the "war on drugs" going by promoting and abetting the running of guns to the drug cartels there and the street thugs here while re-arming the Federales there and the police here with newer firepower to combat this escalation. And last years buy back weapons get recycled on to our streets and South of the Border to continue this spiraling helix of violence.

If you can legislate how many Sudafed are too many to keep Uncle Junior and Aunt Rilla from cooking up a little meth in the doublewide; don't ya think we could have some sanctions on those that are promoting the ongoing criminal enterprise of unregulated gun selling? Those that are the loudest in defense of this escalating violence get their parroted points from the NRA and talk radio and are exhorted to call their legislators - and they do! For the overwhelming majority that wants change, I don't know if will do any good , but to do nothing is passive acceptance. Call your legislator.

Senator Joe Donnelly - (202) 224-4814

Senator Dan Coats - (202) 224-5623

Representative Todd Rokita (202) 225-5037

Aloha, Jake

Jake Spoor is a Crawfordsville resident and from time-to-time writes a guest column for The Paper.