"Daily Vacation Bible School, that's where I want to be

"At Daily Vacation Bible School, where our friends we see ..."

I remember that song every year about this time, when our church at Alamo has its 21st century version of VBS.

We haven't had VBS some years. Some years kids were so few and far between it didn't seem worth it.

But last year, Karen Wilbur once more stepped up to the plate and consented to be our VBS director. It was after the Yountsville church lost their building in a terrible fire. Karen met with some members of Yountsville and decided to have a joint VBS, using the Alamo building.

Soon, Yountsville had set blocks for a new church foundation and I thought we could have a joint VBS again, in their new building.

Alas, the building wasn't raised quite fast enough for VBS this year, but members say it should be ready for Thanksgiving.

I first became acquainted with the Yountsville church in the late 1970s, shortly after moving to Crawfordsville. Don Sharp was the minister, as I recall. I knew Sharp from his days as senior minister of the prestigious Lincoln Christian Church in Lincoln, Ill., while I was attending what is now known as Lincoln Christian University.

I wish the Yountsville church members well as they get into their new building and get on with the life of their church.

What do I remember about VBS from my childhood?

Two things stand out.

I remember the VBS closing program when the minister told our church that "Jesus wants to always be beside you." So, I scooted over to make room for Him to sit down.

I also remember Richard eating white paste one day during crafts.

"At Daily Vacation Bible School, where our friends we see."