Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
Hoopeston, Illinois, which is famous for the Stokely-Van Camp Company and the Miss National Sweetheart contest, as well as being the Sweet Corn Capital of the World, is the place of birth for this week’s lady. On to West Lebanon, Indiana and finally to the Romney area where she graduated from Southwestern HS, before she finally ended-up being one of ours, a true Montgomery Countian.
In high school, she was active in choir, especially The Seventeens, a group of six gals who sang. Then, she sang alto, but has now figured-out she was never an alto, but a born soprano. She also loved 4-H where she showed cattle and achieved some great sewing and baking projects. I can attest to her baking. I’ve been in card club with her for 20 or so years (she 15 years longer than me, but I subbed for part of that time, too) and her desserts are always totally amazing.
As you’ve figured, she grew-up on a farm, with a super mom and dad, two older brothers and two younger sisters. There was always something needed to be done and they just did it, which is probably where she got her great work ethics. So, yep, she is the middle child. Interestingly, it was mainly she and the boys until eleven years after her birth, the first of the sisters was born then another completing the family. Gerald, the oldest lives in Mace and is retired from RRD. Also retired from his own Appliance business in Monticello is brother, Joe. A funny story on Joe. His real name is Emory for their father, but the Doctor didn’t like the name and just tagged him Joe. It stuck! Deb, the 11-years-younger sister lives in Florida, and the youngest of the group is Penny, now passed on.
Although Penny died way too young, longevity is an amazing trait for my guest’s family. Her father was 93; mother ’94; gma’ 91 and she has an aunt who will be 93 soon. She said, “I’m gonna’ be around a long time yet to harass you, Karen!” Love it!
Her early work included two Lafayette places, the Diana Shop and State Farm Insurance. However, brother Gerald loved his job at RR Donnelleys and greatly encouraged her to come join him there. Oddly, she said she’d hardly even heard of Crawfordsville and Donnelley’s before that time but spent 31 years at RRDs and has lived in Crawfordsville ever since. It was also a great place to work up, as one of the first jobs was in the inner-company mail department. In fact, Martha Jo Cabbage stopped by to give me a hug (ahhh, love her hugs) and when I introduced them, my guest immediately recognized her name since Don and Martha Jo both worked there. The last 20 or so years, my guest worked up to Production Coordinator where she had an enjoyable time lining up the work to be produced.
In regards to her long-time job, my guest noted, “It was fun (most of the time) and a great pay check!” Probably her real love was owning and operating The LindyFreeze for 15 years, with help from both of her children. There were lots of disasters (someone not coming to work, late orders, running out of something) but with great people working there and Cara and Chris, she just loved it. Also, she noted that she had a super work-relation with Big Dipper, borrowing and letting borrow. When I asked her if she’d changed anything about her careers, she commented that she wished she’d gotten into the ice cream business earlier. “Why?” was the question but my hubs jumped in with, “The ice cream,” before she had a chance to answer. Laughing, she noted that it was fun talking and getting to know the customers, the people who worked there and especially the creative side to make something new and different! She also commented that she is probably a Jill of all trades and master of none. I’d fight her on that one, because remember, I’ve tasted her desserts!
Since I’ve already given ya’ a big hint on who our guest is this week by telling you her jobs and family names, might as well tell you more about those two great kids of hers. Cara teaches at Nicholson is married to John and they have her only grandchild, Cayden who goes to North Montgomery. Chris lives and works (at Cadillac Coffee Company) in Ft. Wayne.
In her retirement, my guest with the gorgeous I’d love to steal for fiction writing name enjoys singing in the Sunshine Chorus (soprano, remember) that travels to nursing homes singing. Along that line, she is quite involved with the Whitesville Christian Church ladies’ group (Hearts and Hands for Jesus – love the name) crocheting shawls for those in the nursing homes, along with lap robes and other items.
Thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing when I asked my long-time bud, Charlotte Hubbard, about her bucket list. “Don’t have one. I’m just a simple girl; certainly, I can’t see zip lining in my future!” She does love travelling, though, visiting friends and her sister in Florida, and her real love of Hawaii. “I’d like to go back there!” She also loves her Sugar Creek Square Dancers group, reading short stories and doing jigsaw puzzles.
Charlotte says she takes life as it comes, and tries to live by the Golden Rule, doing to others as she desires to be treated. Certainly, she has a great faith in God. Certainly, I want to thank her for being my subject for this week’s ATC article and see ya’ at card club in a few days, kiddo!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.