Finally, something we should be able to agree on. 

Thanksgiving Day. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Already? 

It is the only holiday that is uniquely American. It is celebrated by people of all faiths, all political persuasions. Even Tea-partiers and the most liberal Democrats will pause tomorrow in their routines and agree they have wonderful memories of the past and, hopefully, enjoy the day with loved ones.  

I predict that tomorrow everyone in this great country will either be with their loved ones or take time to reflect on happier times.

Don't have a turkey? No matter. There are plenty of community Thanksgiving dinners to attend. In all likelihood, the Pilgrims didn't have turkey at their first Thanksgiving, either.

All alone? No matter. You undoubtedly remember family and friends and good times spent with them. 

Our family will gather at our son's house. He will deep fry a turkey in "the barn." We will have a beer while he watches the temperature gauge rise until the bird is done. 

When I was a child, our family spent Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. No beer there! And the bird was cooked in a white roaster with a bright red button on the front. 

Aunt Naomi had a big table with chairs around it in her spacious country dining room. They lived on what would now be called a "gentleman's farm," 40 acres in the countryside of Michigan. Uncle Rollie made his living as a brakeman on the New York Central.

While grandpa and dad went to work in overalls, Uncle Rollie wore a dark blue suit and carried a briefcase. While they kept the engine at the front of the train running, Uncle Rollie rode inside, taking care of paperwork on each run. His job was a holdover from the days when train brakemen actually did something to control the speed of a train, long before the diesels of the 1950s and '60s. 

While looking at our grandchildren tomorrow, Logan and Cailin, Hannah, Rose, John and baby Dominic, I will think about my cousins, Rick and Lou Ann, and say a prayer they are having a nice Thanksgiving with their families, too. 

How will you spend Thanksgiving? I would really like to know about those you will be with and be thinking about tomorrow. 

Write me at and let me know if you are willing to share those memories with our readers. 

Frank has reported on the news, events and people of west-central Indiana for years. He can be contacted at