The good folks at the Census Bureau's American Community Survey released some date last week. It's interesting in regards to what it shows for Montgomery County.

First, our population is virtually unchanged. When the 2010 Census came out, Montgomery County was listed at 38,124. According to the survey, the current estimate has us at 38,441 - a change of less than 1 percent.

Some call that consistency or stability. Some call it stagnant. Depends on your point of view.

There were some interesting points.

• A little more than half of us fit into an income level between $25,000 and $75,000. The largest demographic group was 25 percent of the population at $50,000.

• About 17 percent of folks in Montgomery County make more than $100,000. Of that, about 2 percent are above $200,000.

• Conversely, about 1 in 10 (11 percent) are on some form of public assistance.

• When it comes to work, about 3 in 10 of us are in manufacturing.

• Only 3 percent are in agriculture or related fields.

• Teachers, health care and social workers account for 20 percent of the workforce.

• And retail workers are the next biggest group at 11 percent.

This was hard to wrap my arms around, but the mean commute time going to work is just over 20 minutes. Can't you just about leave the county in 20 minutes?

Not surprising though was that 80 percent of us drive to work by ourselves. A little surprising was that one out of 10 of us commute and 4 percent of us walk to work.

And according to the survey, 8 percent of us are unemployed.

A few more tidbits.

• Of our 14,446 households in the county, about 71 percent are occupied by families.

• More than a quarter of our households have someone living there 65 or older.

• 10 percent of males are divorced, 13 percent of females. Not sure what that means.

• Almost 90 percent of us have graduated from high school

• About one in four have some sort of college degree, with about 6 percent getting a graduate or professional degree.

• Looking at where our ancestors came from, about 23 percent of folks who live here came from Germany at some point in their background. I'm proud to say that about 14 percent came from Ireland. And 12 percent came from the British Isles.

• We're pretty well split on male-female with guys holding a slight advantage, 50.1 to 49.9 - which might really be a disadvantage.

• The largest group in age is 45-54 at 15 percent.

• We are predominantly white, about 4 percent Hispanic and 1 percent African-American.

There's lots of information and I suspect all of it can be viewed as the glass half full or half empty, depending on your point of view. If you want to take a closer look at it, click here.

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