The ultimate goal of any political party is to get those people into office who will enact legislation and govern in a way that supports its philosophy on what the role of government should be. The philosophy of any political party are published in its party platform. As the chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, the following is my proposed strategy for accomplishing that goal for the Republican Party.

The first part of the strategy is to educate. By "educate," I mean that we clearly define what a Republican stands for. This mostly means advertising the Republican Platform, so that when people punch "Republican" on their ballot, they know what principles they are voting for. It also means we as a Party not only say that we are a bottom-up organization, but we actually act like one, too. This means that the precinct committeemen and vice-committeemen of the Party are fully empowered to make the decisions of the Party. This means the chairman's primary responsibility is to protect the rights of the precinct committeemen: (1) the right to attend meetings, (2) the right to present their ideas for improving the Party, (3) the right to debate these ideas and the ideas of others on their merit, (4) to vote on decisions of the Party. Most important one among these is holding regular meetings so that they actually have an opportunity to exercise these rights. This isn't just a good idea; it's required by the Rules of the Indiana Republican Party.

The second part of the strategy is outreach. "Outreach" is asking people to join our cause once they understand what we stand for. This grows our numbers. And it means not only reaching out to individuals but also to groups such as the Wabash College Republicans, Wabash Conservative Union, Federation of Republican Women, Montgomery County Tea Party, Liberty Movement, etc. This brings in a mass of people from various backgrounds who are well-informed on Republican principles.

The third part of the strategy is activism. This is the action we take to get people elected who, as public officials, will enact legislation and govern in accordance with the Republican Platform principles. This is worth repeating: As the Republican Party, we haven't succeeded just because we get people elected who have an "R" by their name. If those same people are enacting legislation or governing in a way that contradicts the Republican Platform it might actually be more damaging than if someone from an opposing party were elected to that position. A Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) is like a Trojan Horse or a wolf in sheep's clothing. Some will claim this approach will divide the Party and cost us votes. My answer to them is that those votes were never for Republican principles anyway so we haven't lost a thing.

Because we are a bottom-up organization, a chairman can only propose a plan. The decision to adopt a plan is up to the precinct committeemen and vice-committeemen. These 54 men and women are the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee. It is ultimately their decision on which plan they will enact and what actions to take as a Party. They don't work for the chairman. The chairman works for them, acts as their spokesman, facilitates their meetings, and protects their rights. That's what it means to be bottom-up.