Although I've known this week's subject since he was quite young, it wasn't until the last few years that I got to teasing him and vice-versa (he's good at it!). That relates to when he would come to Turkey Run High School to give-out scholarships. I made punch a couple of years in a row and he loved it. Actually, he was my best customer, coming back for several cups and even taking a big cup of the punch home one year. Another time, my Senior co-sponsor talked me into not making the hard stuff, but instead just pouring Ginger Ale into some fruit punch. Chris Cox was a highly disappointed young man, so much so that I promised to make the good punch for his daughter's graduation this coming spring. Problem is, I can't find the raspberry Kool-Aid anymore, but maybe I'll give it a whirl with some black cherry. So, now that you know who the subject is, and one bit about him, read on for some more fun with this week's Around the County subject, Chris Cox.

Chris is a Southmont High School graduate, class of 1986, where he was active in sports, specifically baseball and tennis. He is the son of Jim (a Vietnam Air Force Vet and retired Donnelley worker) and Linda who is retired from Farm Bureau. Chris has three brothers, two older (Ed who works at Pace Dairy and lives in Ladoga and Robert who lives in Trinidad) plus younger brother Jim (works at CVS and lives in Crawfordsville) who comes to many of his nephews and nieces ball games.

While at Ball State University, a pretty young gal brought Chris a Reese's Cup and candle for his birthday. Chris said, "The rest is history!" He married Nancy, who is very sweet and energetic, almost 21 years ago. They are the parents of three awesome kids, Emily whom you met before - a Senior at South who is active in Youth Leadership Council, runs track and cross country and enjoys acting and singing. Her part time job is working at Jimmy Johns. Next up, is Aaron, a sophomore at South who is also involved in the New Hope Youth Leadership Council. His two sports, like his pop's, are baseball and tennis. I enjoy watching Aaron play not only with his South team but with my grandson Dane on the Thunder teams. Little Adam entertains everyone he knows and is a third grader at New Market. He enjoys playing baseball, soccer, basketball and football. Chris and Nancy back them all the way! All three are highly intelligent, just like mom and dad.

The whole Cox family is very active "worshipping and serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at New Hope Christian Church." As you read above, the two older ones are involved in youth group, while Chris serves on the finance committee and Nancy is on the Outreach Team. Nancy sometimes substitutes at Southmont and does volunteer work at New Market Elementary. The Vanity Theatre is also one of Nancy's loves where she is on the board of directors while Chris is on the board of the Montgomery County Education Foundation.

Chris has worked for Nucor since 1996. For awhile, he was controller for a Nucor joist and deck facility in Horseheads, N.Y.. Indiana was blessed to have the Coxes back in our area in 2008 when Chris came to Nucor's Crawfordsville plant as Controller.

Hobbies, I'll bet you can guess, include coaching and being involved in his children's ball teams and playing catch and tennis with the boys. Another hobby relating to this one is that he enjoys attending sporting events, especially seeing the Colts and Cincinnati Reds. Chris happily stated, "I have been fortunate enough to visit 23 major league stadiums, including four or five that are since gone!"

I loved Chris' answer when I queried him about what books he enjoys. "My reading interests include the Bible and various books by Christian authors on Leadership and Spiritual Growth."

The Cox family are each and every one awesome folks and I so enjoy being around them when I get the chance. Certainly, I appreciated Chris letting me feature him as this week's Around the County Subject - thanks CC!