Are you reading the three-part series from the League of Women Voters about the Electoral College? I hope you are. It’s interesting, well-researched and, as always, well-written.
And I couldn’t disagree with it more.
But thank God for them for writing it.
I’m a believer in the Electoral College – and I am not in favor of changing it. When people say that they want to get rid of it because five times the guy who got the most votes from the public did not win the election . . . I say good, that’s exactly what the Electoral College is there for.
With that said, do I think the system is perfect? Can’t say I do. Don’t know about you, but I’ve never found a system that is. It’s kind of like our Republic – it has its flaws, but it’s the best in the world.
So, with that said, why am I thankful to the good folks at the League for writing it? Well, let’s boil it down to my top five reasons:
1. They may be right.
2. I might be wrong.
3. They are entitled to their opinion.
4. Whatever point of view they espouse, they do so in a respectful and professional manner.
5. They are involved and engaged, and Lord knows we need more of that.
This could go on, but the point is simple. We are far better as a nation, indeed as a people, when we have different and even opposing points of view, and a robust and healthy round of civil discourse follows.
Why? Because the exact opposite is too often true. Many people seem to forget how the political process works. One side wins, and follows an agenda or a platform they believe in. If the other side doesn’t like it, they can try to find ways to reach a compromise at best, and at worst start working on the next election. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.
But it rarely does in today’s world.
Now, the losing side claims the boogey man changed ballots from one candidate to the next – and we’re not just talking the national level. They claim that those in power are the bad guys and are the worst thing that could happen to our . . . insert place here – city, county, state, country.
Mudslinging is tame compared to the depths the process has sunk to.
The League stays above all that. They are sharing their thoughts on an issue – an important one – and again, being professional and respectful.
You or I may agree or disagree, and that’s great. But thank goodness for the League here in Montgomery County (one of the strongest in the state, by the way). We would all do well to follow their example.

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