Known as the birthplace of corrugated iron culverts the W.Q. O'Neall Company had a unique place in culvert history. Starting in 1896 the company made rapid progress through the merits of its products. O'Neall culverts were made from Armco commercially pure iron and noted for their strength and length of life. They were made in all sizes for any type of work where culverts could be used. After 1929 there were developments where perforated iron culverts for road drainage and paved invert culverts combated erosion within the pipe with a special coating that afforded protection against drainage water of chemical nature.

Established in Crawfordsville in 1910 Umphrey Manufacturing Co. built an enviable reputation in the manufacture of library and occasional tables for the furniture trade. Seventy-five men were employed in this modern factory and every improvement in furniture making machinery was found here. Particular development in special sanding machines for the intricate details of the table manufactured had much to do in cutting costs and enabling the production of a superior product at low resultant sales prices. The company manufactured its own veneered table tops in the Crawfordsville factory and featured unique and beautiful top designs.