Delmas Chadwick has had a myriad of interesting occupations throughout his lifetime.

Although farming was his continual work, his favorite job was his last, carrying mail out of Crawfordsville. This career he began at age 55 and was sad to leave 15 years later.

Also, he served as county auditor for two terms plus. Dick Lugar was running for Senate at that time and he and Delmas campaigned together while Lugar visited Crawfordsville. The auditing job Delmas thought was quite interesting because he took all the money that came into the county treasury and got to designate where every penny went. He divided everything on a huge spread sheet for the towns, schools and whatever or whoever was getting the tax money.

His first wife, Becky, was a public servant for 12 years, serving in the county assessor office, plus they owned Reba-K-Knits and ran the Montgomery Ward's catalog store with daughter, Karen, for a few years.

When the radio station was over Resoner's Jewelry (Allen's Restaurant is there now) Delmas worked with Dick Munro and Jack Cunningham. An account executive, Delmas sold commercials for ballgames and such.

Delmas also enjoyed delivering travel trailers out of Fleetwood.

Today, Delmas is retired from not only his farming (the family runs the farm) but his other various jobs, but certainly not his multiple volunteer endeavors. For this, I so admire Delmas and his second wife, Jean.

Throughout his life, Delmas has helped in a multitude of situations, including being on the advisory board when Walnut Township School was built. This was nifty as son Jerry was in Walnut's first first grade, and was the only one of the four children (Karen, Dale, Jerry and Alan) to graduate from South. Besides these four, Delmas has 12 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and two great-greats.

He and Jean love being with the family, and don't be surprised if you see Jean in this article in the future, as she's quite a nifty gal in her own right.

Continuing on with Delmas' volunteer work, he does acccounting for the FISH organization while Jean volunteers in the clothing closet and has been on the board. Speaking of being on boards, Delmas spent a few years on the New Ross State Bank Board.

When the Chadwick's married 10 years ago, Jean went to the Trinity Methodist Church and Delmas wanted her to continue with this so they go to church twice, once to Trinity and the other to Mace Methodist where Delmas grew-up.

For quite awhile, Tom Wyatt lead a Bible Study in the Chadwick's living room. This group eventually lead into Church Alive (Word Fellowship). Two other ministers (David Keessee and Dwayne Bryant) developed churches from this original group that grew immensely. Delmas said he loved that group as they looked at studying religion in such a different way than he had ever known.

Eventually, Delmas came full-circle back to Mace, though and now, he and Jean enjoy both churches.

I so admire this couple, because they are old enough to be my parents and volunteer circles around me!

His current endeavor was to buy the long block building by the Mace Church and he and son Dale own the Mace Garden Center from there.

Losing his wife, Becky, of so many years and his only sibling (Eugene in World War II) were two of his sorrows, but overall, life has been grand and he enjoys every minute of it. One of his pride and joys, I became immediately aware of when I pulled up to his and Jean's home as I noticed the nifty sign in the front yard. Their property is a "Century Farm," having been in Delmas' family since 1905, his grandfather Clint originally purchasing the farm.

I love Delmas' motto which is, "As for me and my house, we serve the Lord!" As for Karen Z, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this week's "Around the County" on Delmas Chadwick and hope you enjoyed reading it!

Karen Zach's column, Around The County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.