If you read the Feb. 9 edition of the Indianapolis Star you may have noticed it. If not let me summarize. On the front page of the "Metro" section was their feature item that took up half the page titled "A THOUROUGHLY HOOSIER FILM".

The story went on to point out that 5 (yes f-i-v-e) native Hoosiers were heavily involved in making a movie and "Much of the film was shot in Los Angeles, but the crew spent three days (yes T-H-R-E-E D-A-Y-S) in June shooting key outdoor scenes in (Indianapolis).

Also, above a four column five inch, color picture of their two main stars (one of which is not a Hoosier) is this sub-headline "Independent film 'Walter', features a cast and crew with plenty of Indiana connections (five); better yet, part of it (three days) was filmed here in Indianapolis."

But that's not all! Paragraph two boldly opinionates the film is "...as saturated with Indiana connections as any film not named 'Hoosiers'"

Well! You can imagine how impressed and grateful I was by all that truly Hoosier involvement in this massive undertaking. My breast swelled up with so much pride the buttons on my Goodwill shirt were literally popping off. (I showed the article to Philip and he just grinned, as usual).

Gosh! Think of it Munro, five people and three days. And I'm certain that because of that involvement they'll managed to get it done on an "under $1 million" budget. Makes you proud to live in Indiana doesn't it? Brag about that to your out-of-state friends and relatives.

* * * * * *

By the way. Just for the record. Due to the response to a previous column outlining our specific needs for actors, we are now up to 203 people involved with our little "Independent" film, which will take over two years (in Indiana) to finish and utilize at least 20 different locations. All of which are not only from or located in Indiana... but in Montgomery County, Indiana. (You can bet when we finish our film I'll be taking that article off my shelf to carry to the Indianapolis Star.) ("Now Gloria, about this article from 2/9/2014....") .

* * * * * *

Today we spotlight one of our 203 "associates" who represents about 80 percent of our cast and crew. On her Audition Form under "Relative acting experience" Joan Falvey circled "None". In later conversations I discovered she never even participated in school plays. But that didn't bother us. We're not "Los Angeles". We're looking for "Montgomery Countians".and Joan fit the bill.

Like most everyone else she doesn't have a major role but she has an important role. Aside from a few minutes on screen in the general story her character has a pivitol connection to one of the films happy endings (Yes, there's more than one).

When asked for a biography here's the total of what she sent: "I have lived in Montgomery County since 1981. I work at a local factory. I enjoy reading and gardening. This is my first time acting. This experience has been quite interesting and fun. When I watch a movie now, I watch it from a little different perspective. (Let me know if you need anything else)"

Others in our group have been more talkative. As you will see in future columns.

But as for today...That's a wrap.