Imagine my disappointment after listening to the President's plea for us as involved Americans to call our elected representatives and weigh in on the proposed changes to gun laws, only to find this morning in the Indianapolis Star that all our Republican representatives have quashed ANY talk of compromise on an issue that has such far-reaching implications, and regardless of whatever their constituents may feel about this, they are against it!

Our newest senator, Joe Donnelly, was at least coy enough to say in his statement that he wanted to listen to all of the dialog before making judgment. This hardly comes as a surprise. In the past few years the GOP has been more inclined to show their ass than show they can govern.

All of the polling -- including polls from NRA members and various law enforcement agencies -- show that some common sense changes to background checks, undocumented sales via gun shows and straw purchases that flood the streets of inner cities with more firepower than law enforcement possesses needs to change. But it seems that for purely partisan ideology -- and fealty to the NRA -- that is not possible.

I grew up enamored with gun culture -- by my own choosing, rather than from older family members. My first BB gun, my first .22-cal single shot rifle, my first shotgun -- all markers of responsible, respectful use of firearms, bought and paid for with my own earned paper route monies. I continued to enjoy shooting sports after giving up hunting and killed literally 100's of 1,000's of clay targets with no remorse. Even won a state championship more years ago than I care to admit. Prior to that change from living creatures to inanimate targets, I hunted ducks. Now if there is any hunting discipline more fraught with discomfort than hiding in a cramped, wet blind for hours on end in freezing temps waiting on unsuspecting fowl to be fooled by fake decoys and duck calls and then shot at on the wing with limited success,  produce evidence of it. One of the things I vividly remembered  about that particular sport -- as if there wasn't enough challenges -- was the gun capacity  was limited to 3 shells via a "duck plug". That's it, 3 shots. If your skill level at wing shooting and hiding in cold, dank ambush wasn't enough, the DNR limited -- under penalty or law and loss of hunting privileges -- a 3 shot limit.

I don't get it. The NRA didn't lobby for increased firepower then,or stand in the way of reasonable restraints to an already self limiting endeavor. No bought and paid for politician stumped for 100 round, drum magazine shotguns, or change the hunting regulations to use military style assault rifles with high capacity magazines to fill the air with lethal amounts of lead. All of that 3 shot limitation to protect a duck. And yet, there are those that politicians, regardless of what their constituents may want to weigh in on, have already stooped and bowed to the gun sales lobby and pledged their allegiance to no regulations -- None! Regardless, I will, and encourage others, to call their representatives and asked them why we can have a 3 shot duck plug restriction, but can't have some common sense restrictions to  high capacity, military style semi-automatic weapons that are so easily obtained and designed to kill people.

Of course, the gun lobbyists and their male, tin foil hat wearing, black helicopter fearful conspiracy theorist minions, will trot out the same old hoary, slippery slope argument and vow violent "from my cold fingers" insurrection. But methinks it's more of a problem of erection, rather than insurrection. It seems to me their phallic obsession with unlimited firepower can be explained by the dearth of ED and Low T drugs that permeate our airwaves and print media. Transference, I think, is at the core of the NRA's easy duping of their flaccid male members . . . aloha.

Jake Spoor is a Crawfordsville resident and from time-to-time writes a guest column for The Paper.