One of the things I learned early in the Radio Interview business was everybody has a story to tell... everybody... and most people have more than one. But if you want to know that story you have to ask. Many members of our movie team don't believe they have done anything worth mentioning. So I made up a Montgomery County Movie "Cast and Crew Biography" form for them to fill out and give back to me so I can pass that info on to you.

Now before we continue let's flash back a few weeks to June when we had a scene scheduled which called for 5 actors and two crew people. One of the acting roles became a problem when one actress after another couldn't fill that role due to personal scheduling conflicts. It got down to the day before the shoot and l still hadn't found anyone available for that role.

That morning, as I walked into my wife's Downtown Crawfordsville Merle Norman Studio I spotted Gerri Hester at work behind the counter. I explained to her my predicament and asked if she would like to play that role in our movie.

"Sure" she said and I immediately gave her the script.

The next evening despite the short notice Gerri did a wonderful job acting her part. It wasn't until she recently turned in her Biography sheet that I realized why.


So this week let's Spotlight MCM cast member Gerri. Hester

She was born and lived in Indianapolis. A few years back she decided to "get out of the fast lane and rat race of travel in Corporate life". She always thought Crawfordsville was a "good, friendly town" so she moved here in 2005 and now enjoys her job as a professional skin care and make up consultant.

Gerri has performed in the Carmel Indiana Community Theatre and did a "stand-up" comedy act for 6 years as "Rosie Flowers" a Southern Gospel/Minnie Pearl type character. She also traveled with a Gospel Trio for 6 years and as a solo performer for 2 more.

A few years ago I interviewed Gerri in the Vanity Theater where she was auditioning for a role in the next Sugar Creek Players production. However she wasn't chosen for any part. (Maybe now the Sugar Creek Players should reconsider)

Before all that for several years in several States Gerri used to drive Trotting Bred Small Horses from a sulky cart and as her "small moment of glory" she notes for six m months she held the world record as the "Fastest Lady Sulky Driver in a race".

Gerri is a cancer survivor since 2009 and as a Born Again Christian now testifies "how good God is and how He has brought me thru all the traumatic experiences of my life"

Actually I've known Gerri for about 2 years and wasn't aware of any of that background. But then... I didn't ask.

When you can finally see our Montgomery County Movie you'll see Gerri Hester as an very angry woman. But now you and I will know better...won't we?

For this week...that's a wrap.

Dick Munro is an author as well as radio personality and movie producer.