Dear MAC:

Is it just me or have we had rather extreme weather this spring?

Wet behind

the ears

Dear Wet:

While agriculture folks will tell you farmers have been wanting to get in the fields much earlier than they could this year, we have not had a really extreme weather situation in Central Indiana according to the Indiana State Climate Office,, at Purdue. Consider this:

•Average date of last measureable snowfall is March 30

•On average, Indiana 's drought conditions can range between moderate to non-existent. Currently Indiana has not seen any severe drought conditions. One of the worst droughts recorded was in the 1930s across almost the entire United States .

•Maximum temperature ever recordedin Indiana: 116F at Collegeville in 1936.

•Minimum temperature ever recorded in Indiana: -36F at New Whiteland in 1994. (1887 Lafayette -33F).

•Most days ever recorded when temperature was over 90F: 105 times in 1953 at Evansville.

•Most days ever recorded when temperature was over 100F: 33 times in 1955 at Evansville.

•Maximum snow fall ever recorded: Jan 26, 1978 , Up to 20 inches of snow fell in the central and south with 40 inches up in the north. A federal state of emergency was declared because of the worst blizzard on record to hit Indiana .

•Maximum ice accumulation ever recorded: 2 inches in 1988.

•Maximum flooding ever recorded: 27 feet above flood stage in 1913

•At least 90 lives lost

•Damage $15 million

•Maximum precipitation in 24 hours: 10.5 inches recorded in 1905 at Princeton

•Maximum snow in 24 hours: 30 inches recorded in December 2004 at southern and east central Indiana .

•Highest wind gust on record of 111 MPH in Indianapolis occurred on June 29, 1929.

* Wettest year was recorded in 1876 at Indianapolis : 57.65 inches of measured rain.

* Driest year was recorded in 1934 at Indianapolis : 24.97 inches of measured rain.

* Most snow fall recorded in 1979 in Rockford : 74.5 inches in one season.

* Maximum monthly precipitation: over 16 inches in July 2003 and 2004 at Kokomo .

* Driest month: zero precipitation in September 1979 and September 2004.

* March and April are considered tornado season.

* There have been 1024 tornado touchdowns from 1950 - 2001.

* The average is 20 touchdowns per year.

* More than 6 touchdowns in a 24-hour period is considered an outbreak.

* The biggest tornado recorded was in 1925 crossing three states ( Missouri , Illinois , and Indiana ) at 70 mph and was 1.5 miles wide.

* In 1974, during the "Super Outbreak," over 21 tornados broke out in the state of Indiana hitting 39 counties.

* The "Tri-state" tornado of March 18, 1925 killed 695 people as it raced along at 60-73 mph in a 219 mile long track across parts of Missouri , Illinois and Indiana , producing F5 damage.