The 2017 legislative session will be drawing to a close by the end of the month.
Several key issues are being worked out in Conference Committees, which are comprised of members from both the House of Representatives and Senate. Conference Committees find agreement on a final bill, which must then be approved by both chambers. If the bill is passed, it moves to the governor for final consideration.
Some of the major bills that are being discussed in Conference Committees include:
House Bill 1001, which establishes the state’s next two-year budget;
House Bill 1002, which creates a long-term, sustainable road funding plan for Indiana;
House Bill 1003, which replaces the problem-plagued ISTEP test with a new state-wide assessment; and
Senate Bill 198 and House Bill 1008, which make changes to Career and Technical Education to better prepare our students for the 21st century economy.
Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month
April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, and the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) is encouraging people across the state to look for ways to help children affected by abuse and neglect.
Child abuse and neglect affects children of every age, gender, race and income level. Risk factors that contribute to abuse and neglect include stress, isolation, substance abuse and a lack of understanding of child development.
DCS offers the following tips to help prevent abuse and neglect:
Reach out to parents to offer a hand or emotional support; Volunteer time to programs that help parents; Advocate for community services to help families; Report suspected child abuse or neglect; Consider becoming a foster parent; DCS and its partner organizations will host local events and activities to raise awareness of resources and programs for prevention. Click here for more information.
Call 1-800-800-5556 to report child abuse or neglect.