The Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic is a tribute to the men and women who have made it possible and it shows that there are people of sufficient talent and means to make the right thing happen.

People who cannot afford health insurance, who are living on the level of 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines now know they will receive the medical and dental treatment they need.

There has been so much debate about affordable health care. That debate started long before "Obamacare."

The question has been how do we provide affordable health care? Some have pointed to government, such as the "solution" instituted in Canada and they have conveniently overlooked that while Canada's health care may be affordable it is certainly not accessible to everyone all the time. Long lines have been reported while people patiently wait to take advantage of so-called affordable health care.

Obviously, government will not provide the answer to the challenge. There are few things that government does well and health care is not one of them.

But groups like the people who have put together the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic can provide answers. They can and do make a difference.

Obviously, there will be challenges ahead for the free clinic just as there have always been challenges for its parent organization, the Christian Nursing Service. But the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic demonstrates what can happen when decent, caring people come together to make a community better.

Frank Phillips covered the first public meeting called to discuss the possibility of what has become the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic. He has watched as family and friends, all gainfully employed, have struggled with medical bills over the years and he looks forward to better solutions, not just for the impoverished but, for all Americans. He has reported on the news, events and people of west-central Indiana for years. He can be contacted at