Now that the last weeks have proven beyond a doubt "global warming" is not a myth, spring must be just around the corner. So it's time for our Montgomery County Movie to prepare for our next big filming push. In doing so there are a few medium and several small acting roles yet to be filled. If you have previously auditioned and have NOT yet been assigned a part let me know via the contacts below. Likewise if you have NOT auditioned and would like to make an appearance in our movie contact me now.

As of this writing we have a few medium although important speaking roles for 2 adult females, 2 adult males (one must know how to drive a farm tractor), 1 "Older Gentleman", "1 Crusty Old Codger" (unless I get that part) and 1(each) young teenage boy and girl willing to do a little "making out" on camera. (Nothing nasty)

Some of the lesser speaking parts include "Nerdy Man", "Policeman (or woman) #1", "Mocker", "Crowd Persons # 1 - 7", "Smart Ass", "Concerned Citizen #2" and "Café Patrons #'s 1 - 3".

Non-speaking roles still available are Mr. Dannikan (the Mrs. does all the talking), "Man Who Dies" (after dramatically coming thru the doorway) and the choice role of "Poor Billy" (who lies on the ground already dead so not only doesn't speak but doesn't move for about three seconds), (I'm on the list for that role as well.) (But we're looking for someone better.)

We are also in DIRE need of Asians, African Americans, Latinos and other non-Caucasian actors willing to show the World that Montgomery County is not ALL "White".

Yes there remain about 28 roles to fill. Each would probably take no more than one day of filming. We'd like to get as many of those roles as possible lined up in February. Then it's "sit and wait" time until we're ready to "shoot" your scene. If you are someone or know of someone who would like make an appearance in our movie contact me, preferably by email, at or leave a message at 362-3838.

The featured member of our MCM eager group this week is Lauren Bickel a 2010 South Montgomery High School graduate born and raised in Montgomery County. Soon we hope to make her more famous than her long time Newspaper Columnist Grandfather Don Bickel. Lauren's only acting experience has been a small part at the Vanity Theater in "You Can't Take It With You." She looks forward to doing more shows with them but in our movie she is featured for her scream and ... well... the rest you'll see in the movie. Currently employed at Steak n Shake, the Quality Inn and at North Montgomery High School as the Guard Coach she's a busy gal yet, in her free time she "adores traveling, making art and reading".

On Lauren's short bio she noted she was excited to be working with the Montgomery County Movie. She plays an important role in one scene which we have already filmed in a single day. Why not join us? We have openings to add a little excitement to your life as well.

For today, as they say in the Movie Business, "That's a wrap".