Thoughts from five-year-old Hudson and six-year-old Phoebe:


Yesterday, it was storming to the east, but in the west was bright sunshine. Our road was a distinct dividing line. As we were driving along, Hudson observed, "Sissy always says, 'look on the bright side.' Now I know why. When I look over on the bright side I feel happy, but when I look at that dark side I get scared."


I sang: "The funny little bunny, likes carrots in his tummy, he's happy when it's sunny, but when it rains he's glummy."

Hudson: What is glummy?

Me: Sad or depressed

Hudson: Well he shouldn't be sad when it rains 'cause rain makes carrots grow!


The children were excited about a small lizard they found. I told them to catch it, and they asked, "With what?" I suggested using their hands. Silence for a moment, and then Hudson grabbed his sister's arm and said, "I'll use Phoebe's hand!!"

Creative: As I tucked my boy in, I said, "I want you to stay in bed tonight." He responded, "I'll try, but my legs are already trying to get back up!"

Convincing: They asked for corn dogs for breakfast. I suggested oatmeal. Hudson replied, "We really want something that calls for ketchup."

Conscience Development:

Hudson: I keeped my eyes closed tight the WHOLE time we prayed!

Phoebe: So, did I!

Hudson: No, you didn't. You peeked!

Me: If your eyes were closed, how do you know?

Hudson: Well, maybe my eyes were open just a little bit. (Pause) Actually, I keeped my eyes open really wide the whole time.

Honest: I was singing along to "Cheer up, Sleepy Jean," and Hudson asked, "Do you know that song?" "Yes!" I replied. He responded, "How about you just know it, but don't sing it?"

Independent: I unwrapped a stick of butter.

Phoebe: "I could have done that for you!"

Me: "I really didn't want you to get all buttery."

Phoebe: "My life is my own! I don't know when you are going to realize that!"


Phoebe reflected, "I wish I was a Barbie doll."

Holding my breath, wondering if she would say she wished she had a tiny waist or flat belly, I asked, "Why do you want to be a Barbie?"

She replied, "Well, if I was a Barbie, then I could turn my head all the way around."

Traitor: I took the kids to school an hour late. Hudson walked into the classroom and announced, "Hi everybody! We had a rough night because mom kept taking all my covers!"

Content: Phoebe is excited to be in a booster seat. She said to Hudson, "I bet you wish you were me!" He replied from his carseat: "No, I not! I actually really happy I myself!"

Discontent: Hudson comparing his breakfast plate to 17 year old Alex's: "Why bubby get three hundred bacons?!" (We're not prone to exaggeration around here, unless we are unfairly shorted on bacon.)


"Hudson, why are you so cute? What is your secret?"

He whispered in my ear, "God made me that way!"

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