This week's couple met on a blind date which he almost didn't keep. He had been jokingly told that she was rather chunky. Can you imagine his pleasure when she was so thin he could link his hands around her waist? Her best friend from high school had married his cousin and they met at their house. That was in March and they were married in November. Laughingly, they said the little old ladies in Otterbein were marking their calendars but were foiled when it was three years later that Bud and Sharon Rhodes Wright had the first of three daughters, Lesa, who was in our son, Jay's class of 1987 at Southmont. The second daughter, Shelby and I taught together for several years at Turkey Run (she's awesome by the way). Youngest daughter, Betsy has two daughters and a son living here in C'ville. Lesa has a son and daughter, totaling five grandchildren, ages 5-16. Bud and Sharon were full of smiles and pride as we talked about the youngsters.

Many readers will remember Msgr. Henry F. Ward at St. Bernard's. Bud had been altar boy for Father Ward in Otterbein. In Father Ward's thoughts, Bud was always "Buddy" and Bud feared he'd be called that nickname during the ceremony. All went well, though and Father would be proud of his little Buddy as he and Sharon both wear many hats at Msgr's beloved St. B's, which include K of C, reader, Bazaar helpers, funeral dinner workers and Wednesday night's Bernie's Buffet, which they especially enjoy. They truly love their "church family."

Both Wrights had a humorous answer to almost every question I popped at them. I asked Sharon what drew her to Bud. "Well, I told my mom it's because he's taller than me and that way, I could wear my spike heels!" Bud related a couple of things that made me giggle. One was that when they told Bud's dad their chosen wedding day, Dad reminded Bud that that was the first Saturday of hunting season. No date change but the four day honeymoon was shortened to three so Bud could hunt with his family.

Otterbein was home to Bud and Sharon for their first years of marriage. Bud said if someone came down their road, then they were likely coming to their house which was built by the Wrights. Right across the road was a Purdue game preserve and Lesa would venture there or tromp in the corn. Luckily, their dog was her constant companion. They had planned to stay there forever. Sharon said she kept wetting the floor with tears when she was cleaning it the last time.

Yet Bud was transferred to Crawfordsville's Indiana Bell office. Back home for Sharon, she remembers the changes in the city, and reminisced about being at her grandparents. The Wright family did find a just-right house with cheap rent. Well, almost perfect, anyway, other than the for-sale sign in the yard and the mouse-do all over the inside. The owner assured them that it had been for sale for awhile and wouldn't sell, so not to worry, clean it up and move in. That they did, spending hours scrubbing and fixing to make a darling place. You guessed what happened - it sold and they headed to the Old Ladoga Road where the family lived for a few years in a nice big farm house, well off the road for $150 plus the electric bill. A home on Barcus Orchard Road was the next stop while the girls went through school, all Southmont grads. During that time, the whole family was involved in the Sugar Creek Swim Club (keeping score, fixing food) and then on into high school swimming. Today, Bud and Sharon live on West Main Street.

Sharon was an RN at St. Elizabeth in Danville, Ill. then worked at Culver Hospital. I remember her though at my doctors at Green Acres as one fab nurse. She's quite proud of the fact that she retired one day before Bud, except Bud has never fully retired per se. In 1993 as his Bell years came to a close, he did contract work for the State Highway and now at age 74, he puts in help lines.

They both enjoy reading and being with the grands, plus travelling especially going to Captiva (for a number of years now) with a big group of friends. Both love their bay window at Christmas with their Dept. 56 village that takes multiple days to put together and repack. Golf, antiquing, auctions and garage sales are also activities enjoyed. Now her big fun, shopping, is something Bud was cultured to with four females in his household. He said he always goes to the biggest percentage off sales rack first.

A couple of other points of interest are that both are the oldest of four children and Bud spent two years in the Army where he did, what else - telephone work. Sometime you should ask Bud about the green star and blue star event. Definitely, I want to thank Bud and Sharon for hanging out with the hubs and me and sharing their lives this week in Around The County.