To begin this week’s article, let’s say that my couple was recently in the news as partners in Dancing With the Stars. What they took away from that experience was that it’s all right to be pushed out of your comfort zone because sometimes it turns out with an awesome ending (from her) and that it was just another interesting experience for him!
The story of how they became involved in dancing is quite cute as it started with her seeing a free lesson coupon and begging him to go. Took some pleading, but finally he gave in (“Fine!”) saying just that lesson, but he is the one who really took to ball room dancing, so when there was a special on four lessons for $50, they went for that and are still going after three years and dearly loving it! His dad clogged and danced on old wooden roller skates plus he turns everything into basketball moves (learn a new dance routine – hey, that’s like a pick’n’roll). So, think he’s a natural. Especially since his body doesn’t do what’s required for good basketball playing or martial arts (he had six years) anymore, dancing lets him still be semi-athletic. Last year, their instructor’s partner piddled out right at the end and she asked him to dance with her. He’d have loved to except it was their daughter’s wedding day, so he had to beg out but promised to be involved the next year. Well, good choice, as their rendition of a tango received the “most sultry dance” award which embarrassed their son but they laughed saying, “We still got it!”
Both of this week’s married couple graduated with our son, Jay, from Southmont in 1987. They were in the back half of the alphabet just like Zach, only “P” people! Big hint, I know, and you may have guessed already who these two are, but keep reading, won’t you?
Both grew-up in Montgomery County, he attending Waveland Elementary where he was active in all kinds of sports. In high school, he was in football, basketball and baseball, basketball his main stay. She attended New Market where she was involved in 4-H (pigs, mainly). In high school, she was in band and the Royal Mountie Guards.
Two children blessed this home, Hannah who recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Jake Slinkman. Hannah graduated from SHS then Cedarville College as a certified athletic trainer. Jake works for NOW Foods as a microbiologist. Their son is Josh who just graduated from SHS where he was involved in football and is working for Stull’s Machine & Fabrication.
Speaking of jobs, she worked for Elston Bank 15 years, a little stint at Moody Meats, the Paper of Montgomery County when it first started and Tipmont for the past 13 years. He worked for a body shop the first six years out of high school, Raybestos for 12 years and for Donnelleys (LSC) the last 13.
She said, “We don’t travel, we go junkin’!” They love to go to antique shops and flea markets where they pick up items and he turns it from junk to gorgeous. Examples: her coffee table was a pig feeder, their headboard a barn door. Along that line, he says he enjoys making something from nothing. Guess it’s cheaper, fun and certainly more rewarding. Sounds like they have lots of very unique items in their home, thanks to his creativity!
They have lived in their home for 17 years and it is supposedly part of the original area where her Powers family settled. Now, you definitely know who our guests are and so, since both of the Peacock children have graduated high school, they’ll now have time to do their junkin’ and also a bucket list topic is to travel the whole of Rt. 66, stopping when they want and staying as long as they desire!
Again, on the travel line she grew-up on a farm and their honeymoon was basically the first time she ever stayed in a hotel, “Because Larry Powers would never leave his animals long enough to go anywhere!” Dave is the youngest of the six Peacock boys. Took these two seven years to have Hannah, then Josh. Worth the wait, as they adore their two children.
They are active at Rock Point Church, where he did the sound for awhile and she teaches the Children’s Church and is on the Witness team. Along with religion, they feel their biggest accomplishment is having their two “raised in the right direction, loving the Lord!”
“Since I was 16, I never felt like there was anyone else for me,” she noted in regards to their relationship. He says, “She’s my only friend really. Hard to get close to anyone since my dad died (when Dave was just starting into his teens).” They do have a group of six other friends they do a lot with and are basically like brothers and sisters. “Their tribe,” originating 20 years ago from when they attended 1st Baptist Church.
As we spoke, I told Mel that we were cousins on her Powers side going back to Reuben Day and Martha “Patsy” Prunty (cousin of the famed Bronte’ sisters) of Franklin County, Virginia and Morgan County, Kentucky. When I put our names in to see just how close we were (5th cousins) it came up that I’m also her 5th cousin through Jacob Adams Bowers and Catherine Myers (Rowan County, NC) and a 7th cousin through John George Myers and Catherine Kimmel. Never would have guessed those last two relationships!
Although he really has never liked school, he does love the Discovery Channel and learning about history. Mainly, though, they are just homebodies. I think that’s nice! Certainly, I want to thank Dave and Melody Peacock for being my guests this week. We had a bit of trouble getting together but had a blast with them and so thank them for blessing my abode as well as article!