The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Darren and Connie Thomas are South grads married almost 25 years.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Darren and Connie Thomas are South grads married almost 25 years.
These two 1987 Southmont graduates certainly did not date in high school. Different crowds, wouldn’t have been done, but a few months afterwards, he called her up and they went out. It certainly has worked since they will be married 25 years Sept. 5. As they said, “It was destiny!”
Quite a tease, he also said, that she hit him in the head and when he woke up, he was married. She added, “No, I kept after him, wore him down and he finally asked me on his birthday with family there.” Also, he wanted to make sure I knew that he married an older woman (six months so). Plus, I wondered about their lengthy four year dating process – why so long? His answer was, “Why be in a hurry?” We laughed and she said, “That’s his philosophy of life and our daughter is just like him!” My gal guest is a let’s get it done and their son is like her. More on the younguns later!
Anyway, in high school, he mainly played golf, as it didn’t hit hunting season like football. She managed tennis and baseball. His family had a golf scramble every year, so he kept that sport up until he broke his wrist.
He had owned 34 acres with a trailer on Highway 41. He sold it then they purchased a home in Browns Valley where they still live. First day in it, he had it about ½ gutted before she even got there. They lived upstairs while working down. It’s an awesome place!
Their work history is interesting. She kind of goes in sixes having worked at Dari-Licious six years, New Market Cafeteria, New Hope Day Care and having her business, Paradise Tanning and Hair Design. She feels blessed that she was able to mainly stay home with their two when they were young. Volunteering at Waveland grade school, she enjoyed being the room mom, decorator and the like and was very good at it.
He worked for Raybestos for 22 years and when they cut the work force, keeping the 90 lengthiest workers, he was 99. Then, he worked at J.J. Machine in New Ross, and now FITC in Jamestown where they make steel parts for Subaru.
A hobby has been in his life for 23 years, as well, one he learned from a Raybestos’ co-worker, blacksmithing. The whole family went many times for Civil War reenactments, but now he is involved reenacting with the Mountain Men group, going to the Feast of the Hunters Moon and to Bridgeton. A member of the Blacksmithing Association he noted that if anyone is interested, contact him. She says, “Our house is well-decorated with metal items, because I get the first one of anything he makes, unless it’s a custom-made item, of course!”
He still enjoys being in the woods and just purchased 27 acres where they plan to possibly build a cabin, but will camp in a teepee for awhile. They have about everything that is needed from their Civil War Days, including rope beds and teepee poles. “It’s the Cadillac of outdoor living.”
He’s always been an outdoor guy, so much so that after they returned home from their wedding, he went outside in his shop that evening. “I wasn’t used to being married.” Rolling her eyes, she noted that she had plenty of time to put away the presents. He is still out in his shop a great deal, looking up at the clock, seeing 11,12, 2 and saying, “I better go in!”
I asked for a memory from the Waveland school (she went to New Market). He noted that three generations of his family had played on that gym floor and then told me that the most memorable one was as they were tearing it down, Juanita Hunt, one of the long-time teachers was looking through and pointed to her #5, saying she wished she had that number. So he and a couple of other guys crawled-up and got it for her. Awesome!
These two have a couple of super children, Cody and Alexis and of course, I’m writing about Darren and Connie Nave Thomas. The kids, too, are both South graduates.
Alexis looks exactly like Connie but has her dad’s laid-back demeanor. She was heavily involved in Winter Guards going to many competitions. She is currently a first responder with the Waveland Volunteer Fire Department and is a Nanny.
Cody is a combination of the two in looks, has Connie’s personality but is an analytical thinker like Darren. Connie was the soccer mom and enjoyed decorating lockers and fixing food. She once got a standing ovation from the pep block and was called, “CT’s mom!”. Cody is all about basketball, playing year-round for twelve years. “Thousands of miles and thousands of dollars” were spent, but they loved every second and all have life-long friends. Cody just finished a great senior season at Judson in Elgin, Illinois and will be graduating soon. Planning his future is top priority, but nothing is definite as yet. Hmmm, bet it involves basketball!
Each have a sister and brother, she being the baby and he in the middle. They are close to their families.
They were Youth Group directors for 10 years at New Market Christian Church and she a VBS director for a few years. They enjoy the people and familiarity of NMCC. Everyone is in the same pew and it’s a comfort zone to them, especially when Rev. Flora and family returned.
For a decade, always loved meeting Darren on the highway or in Waveland or C’ville as I always knew the big ‘ol OD green ’76 Duster and would wave. Doggone it, he told me in our get together (yep, at PH) that he sold it and now has a manly-man’s vehicle (forgot the kind).
We’ve known both these two since pre school, so it was great fun getting together with them. D&C, appreciate you consenting to be my guests for ATC this week.
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.