Dear MAC:

How's the MUFFY drive doing this year?



Dear Concerned,

It's a great question and one I wish I had a great answer for. The reality is that the drive, like a lot of people, is struggling this year. According to MUFFY Exec David Johnson, the goal of $475,000 is a long ways off. So far this year, MUFFY has raised approximately $190,000. And with the end of the campaign quickly approaching, there are very real fears that this will mean some dramatically bad news for many non-profits around Montgomery County.

The good news is, there's still time to make a difference. Log on to the MUFFY web site, and make a donation. Or call the MUFFY office and give a pledge. That number is 362-5484.

It's important. My friends at The Paper of Montgomery County stepped up. Won't you, too?