There is a couple in Crawfordsville dear to my heart that I feel don't get enough credit in the community, that is Becky and Brad Hurt.

Their major interest is promoting the downtown and that they do well! Raised in Crawfordsville, Brad is the son of Fay and Millie Hollingsworth Hurt, graduated from Crawfordsville High School, where he was active in basketball and golf. Becky is the daughter of Bill and JoAn Kritz Zach, my awesome in-laws, and enjoyed art, Sunshine and pep block while at Crawfordsville High. She attended Purdue, the Zach school, while Brad is an Indiana University graduate.

All but a few of their 43 years of marriage have been spent right here in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County. Becky has been in business, first by The Attic which was owned by the Nixon family. Then in 1991, she opened The Homestead, one of the oldest current businesses in the downtown area. Adding another nifty store, The Whatever Makes You Happy in 2003, the Hurts continue making downtown Crawfordsville an interesting shopping experience.

The fire of 2007 did not deter Brad and Becky. It made them more determined to build-up downtown Crawfordsville. Brad has had his own Real Estate Development business on Washington Street since 1991 and the couple own nine buildings, eight of which have apartments.

Recently, Brad and Becky's son, Jacob began two new businesses under one roof, The Man Cave and The Bowery Coffee Company. Although I don't like coffee, several people have said, "it's great!" so try the new businesses if you're a lover of that drink, plus check-out the homemade pastries and the fab manly gifts.

Brad and Becky have another son, Aaron, a Civil Engineer with an Indianapolis firm, four grandsons and two granddaughters.

Now, granted, I can name several others who work hard at keeping downtown Crawfordsville growing strong, but when Brad and Becky spent Christmas Eve at our house and enthusiastically discussed their ideas, I wanted to give them a spot in Around the County!

Karen Zach's column, Around The County, will appear each Thursday in The Paper.