"I'll see it when I believe it". No that's not a misprint. No doubt there has been a time in your past when someone told you something you didn't think would happen and you uttered that phrase in reverse. "Yah. I'll believe that when I see it".

A few months ago, just by chance, this title of a book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer I saw laying on a table caught my eye. "You'll see it when you believe it". His bottom-line philosophy is: Your human brain is so amazing that, though you may not have even started a difficult project, if you can "picture" the finished product in your mind, you can get it done. Everything you need to get it done is already "out there". All you need to do is find the necessary parts and put them together 'til it fits your "picture".

Philip Demoret and I have reached that point with this Montgomery County Movie. At first we were trying to "picture" where and how to begin such a project. Now, some 20 months later, we see a flickering light at the end of the tunnel. We can pretty much "picture" what the final movie will look like and perhaps more importantly what we must do to get it there. In our minds we can see it... so now we can believe it will happen.

That's not to say there aren't .tough times ahead. Difficult, time consuming procedures and decisions to make. But we can see the light folks. We're on the right track. All of you 212 Montgomery County connected people have contributed your part... big or small... to make this happen.

The general public seems to have reached that point as well. They used to ask "What is your movie going to be about?" now they ask "When will you be finished?" They wouldn't ask "when" if they didn't think "that" we would finish. But the true answer to "when" is... how much time we... and you... will dedicated to making the movie better. Studying and editing hundreds of "takes". Fixing our mistakes by first deciding what does and does not need to be fixed.

In other words how good do you and I want our movie to be? We could finish in a few months...if "finishing" was our primary goal. But it isn't. Our goal is to make the best movie we can..

And we can see it....so you can believe it.

That's a wrap.

Dick Munro is an author and a radio personality. He is also producer of a movie being produced with the working title, "The Montgomery County Movie."