Photo providedThe family of three will soon be expanding to a family of four.
Photo provided

The family of three will soon be expanding to a family of four.
This week's person is in The Paper almost daily. Love to read all of his writings. He has served in many of the capacities of the newspaper, including a newly-created position as website coordinator.

I first met Rick Holtz early on in his career with The Paper. Such a kind, energetic young man, he wanted to please and worked hard doing just that. Tim Timmons got a great find in this fella'. Both he and Neil Burk have become my C'ville boys. I love to mother-hen 'em but don't tell 'em that!

Rick grew-up in the Region, having graduated from Merrillville High School in 2001. Even at that young age, Rick was fascinated with newspapering, having been active in his Quill & Scroll chapter, an Honor Society for HS Journalists and was chosen the Most Valuable Staffer of HS newspapers by the Merrillville Post Tribune his senior year. A middle child, Rick has an older sister, Carole and younger brother, Corey. Both his parents have always been computer-oriented, his dad an accountant who loves to rebuild old PCs and his mom a computer programmer. Fairly confident this helped Rick along the way with his fabulous abilities. When I'd send in the Montgomery Memories to Rick, I would always be impressed with his design and how he'd try new things along the way. All my MM fellows are great, but Rick seemed to always be the one who'd have that twist. Always enjoy working with him.

Upon graduating from Merrillville, Rick went on to attend a Christian-based school (Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan) where he majored in religion but enjoyed working on the campus newspaper. Sports writing was his expertise and he was assigned to cover three sports a week, complimenting his articles with pictures. Two beat sportswriters were under Rick when he was promoted to Sports Editor his sophomore year.

Returning to the Region, Rick decided to attend Purdue on the Calumet campus (Hammond). While doing so, he worked at Walgreens where he first was a stock boy, basically, then promoted to 2nd in the Photography Department, which was more up his career alley. Working on promotional store campaigns, and designing fliers and such were just the experiences Rick needed when he heard of a job as a news reporter in October 2006. We're so lucky he got that job.

His talents of course go beyond sports, news and the computer. He combined these and other knowledge to become Creative Services Director for both The Paper of Montgomery County and The Times of Noblesville. His specialty was ad building, yet his other jobs have included Editor of The Times and Office Manager for The Paper/Times. No matter at what capacity Rick is assigned, he does an amazing job. In 2008, he was 3rd place in the Best Business/Economic News category of the annual Hoosier State Press Association Better Newspaper Foundation Contest and in 2010 first place in Ad Design for Real Estate in the Hoosier State Press Association Advertising Contest. Way to go, Rick. I have no doubt those awards will keep rolling in for you.

Kimberly Sparrow came into Rick's life about the same time he headed to The Paper in C'ville. Kimberly wanted to check him out, thinking her best friend liked him. Turned out love blossomed for the two of them and they were married in 2008. Love reading their Facebook entries - they do love to pick on each other with loving digs. Rick and Kimberly have the most precious young man, Calvin who will soon be joined by a little sister, hopefully future forever citizens of our wonderful area.

A member of the First Baptist Church, Rick just recently accepted a position on the local Red Cross board and is looking forward to working in that capacity. So, although, I've had this week's interviewee on my list for awhile, it never worked out to grab him long enough to talk to him. I guess all I needed was to ask. So thank you, Rick Holtz, for allowing me to feature your story in this week's ATC.