"Family Feud" is one of my wife's favorite shows. 

Two interesting facts: The current series has produced more episodes than any of its predecessors and it is filmed in Atlanta, making it the only national game show not taped in L.A. or New York. And the family of the athletic director at Lebanon High School was recently on the show. (OK, that's three, so sue me.)

I mention this because Montgomery County is poised to become the movie capital of Indiana.  Not only was a large portion of "Hoosiers" filmed here but Montgomery County Movies Inc. has plans to make at least one more movie and possibly a TV series right here in the land of General Lew Wallace and "Ben Hur."

This would qualify as one of the new industries needed to revitalize our local economy. 

In case there are no more Donnelley's or Nucors out there to lure to Montgomery County, we need to do what Americans have always done: Use our Yankee ingenuity. 

I don't know that the TV and motion picture industry is going to bring millions of dollars into our county, but it could. 

When I published my novel I dreamed of selling the movie rights and being on hand when some company with big bucks filmed it in Alamo and then having a movie party to watch it on the Hallmark Channel one day. Hey it could happen and we have to have our dreams, right? 

What inventions/products lay just beyond the horizon? 

For centuries, iPods didn't exist. For centuries radio broadcasting didn't exist. For centuries TV wasn't even dreamed about. Even when Fred and Barney and I were growing up we had to watch the few channels on local TV and if we missed a show we would probably never get a second chance to see it.  

I still remember the time I slept through "Wonderful World of Disney" one Sunday night when I was a kid and missing the hour-long animated adventures of Mickey, Donald and the gang. I really wanted to see that show!

So, what's the next big thing?

Will we leave it up to Al Gore to invent the next Internet? (Just kidding.)

I don't know what the Next Big Thing will look like but I know we can do it here!

Book publishing, which is near and dear to my heart, will produce something as popular as the Harry Potter series. Someone reading this today could imagine it and write it!

So, here is the challenge: Whatever talents you have, start imagining what can be and then believe it can and should happen! Right here. I know we can do it. 

Decades ago, I wrote an article that was published in a national religious magazine in which I envisioned the day when every church would have the ability to record radio and TV type programs and distribute them. We have done so for years, but the idea wasn't widespread until years after that article was published. 

Look into the future. What do you see?


Frank Phillips can be contacted at frank@thepaper24-7.com.