I see the controversy over daylight saving time continues. Let's just solve the whole thing by changing to NTZ instead of EST or CST. 

What is NTZ? It is Nature's Time Zone and it would shift Indiana far from the current time zone in surrounding states. About four hours away from New York City or Chicago. 

NTZ works like this: On any given day the sun rises to a point midway between horizons. This is referred to as high noon. In the winter, the sun appears to stay to our south while in summer it seems to be nearly overhead at one point but there is a certain time when it is highest in the sky. 

It is usually the warmest part of the day in the summer or winter. 

My suggestion is this: Let's just call the time when the sun is at its highest, "noon," and split up the rest of the day into 24 equal hours of 60 minutes each. 

That way, the kids won't be going to school in the dark and since commerce will take place during the daylight, there should be less need to light office buildings during the day and it should be less expensive to heat them as well. Of course, air conditioning is another matter. If all those businessmen and businesswomen are at work during the day, we will have to pay the A/C bill to keep them cool during the summer. 

There will be fewer night hours in summer but more time to party in winter. 

Now, to solve issues raised by those who say we should be on daylight saving time so people in other time zones know what time it is in Indiana, I say, "Phooey!" Let those states petition the U.S. government to go on NTZ so the sun is always highest at noon where they live, too. In other words, get rid of daylight saving time altogether. Then, when people in Los Angeles want to know the time in Indiana, it will always be the same number of hours earlier than the time in Los Angeles. 

By the way, this does not mean every community would be in their own time zone. We can still be part of the same size geographical time zone we are now, but those time zones would be shifted to the east or west across the United States. 

There should be no more arguing about Indiana being in the Eastern or Central Time Zone. With the wisdom of Solomon splitting the baby in half, Indiana could be divided from top to bottom into the Eastern and Central time zones. We are already divided into different time zones in the western and southern extremities of the state so a division from top to bottom should not create much of a controversy. 

I realize this solution will be scoffed at by people who think it is too simple. Washington certainly won't approve without a years long debate. That's what our elected "leaders" do - they debate. 

One of the arguments will be, "What about the rest of the world? What will Europe and the Far East think?"

That is a consideration, for if we've learned anything in recent years, it is that America must not be the world's leader. For example, if the economy collapses in another nation, we must let our economy collapse, too. If another nation goes to war we must zoom into battle, too. 


Frank Phillips has watched and written about Indiana news for decades. His column is published Wednesdays in The Paper of Montgomery County.