Starting a new business can be an exciting time, but regulatory paperwork and complicated guidelines can be frustrating and sometimes stall growth.  In Indiana, we currently have 11,000 regulatory guidelines on the books, which make for an overwhelming amount of "red tape" for our businesses.

Recently, the Office of Management and Budget launched a "Cut the Red Tape" website to give all Hoosiers the opportunity to share their thoughts on which state business regulations should be reviewed or eliminated. Your input is crucial to making Indiana the best environment for businesses to grow and prosper.

The idea for the new website was conceived in conjunction with Gov. Mike Pence's regulatory moratorium. The moratorium, which took effect Jan. 14, created a freeze on any new business regulations and initiated a review of all existing regulations.

This was done with the goal of centralizing some guidelines to expedite business growth.

Our state benefits when we are able to streamline business guidelines. For example, in 2006, Indiana lawmakers passed House Enrolled Act 1279, which deregulated the telecommunications industry in Indiana.

This law promoted competition among telecom companies, nurtured growth of new technologies and has kept consumer prices low. In fact, many other states have used our law as a blue print for their own deregulation laws.

Over the past several years, legislators have made changes to Indiana's tax structure to promote Hoosier engagement in business. We reduced the corporate income tax rate, capped property taxes, eliminated the inheritance tax and cut the individual income tax.

However, as far as I'm concerned, our work to create an outstanding job environment in Indiana and put more Hoosiers to work is never done.

That's where you come in. We need your input and ideas to determine what we can do to promote business growth and efficiency.

To directly submit your thoughts to the "Cut the Red Tape" website, access the submission form at You can also contact me with your ideas at or 800-382-9467.