In today's article, I reflect the Jefferson's theme song, "Moving On Up!" A fairly recent graduate of Wabash College, majoring in Rhetoric, this young man does enjoy talking, but it's his exceptional writing talents that landed him his newly appointed current job as managing editor of The Paper of Montgomery County. His goals for The Paper reflect the current ones to promote local news and community involvement. Hooray for Neil Burk. So, let's get to know this wonderful young man.

Neil grew-up in Indiana's smallest official city, Woodburn, which is northeast of Ft. Wayne, in Allen County. At Woodlan High School, he was active in the National Honor Society and the Service Club, which likely helped prepare him for his new occupation of serving the community editing a local newspaper. Other WHS activities included sports.

Just leaving as sports editor of The Paper and moving on up to managing editor, it is obvious that his great talent as a sports writer served him well. Although Neil enjoyed scripting about any of the sports, he noted that since he played baseball and football, those were the easiest on which to create the better articles since he knows them well.

With not much spare time on his plate, he does enjoy playing video games, watching t.v. sports and visiting with his family. Neil told me that he has two sisters, one almost 12 and the other 10 years older than he, and they enjoy bossing him around, but he said that with a half smile. They in turn produced three nephews and a niece who adore their Uncle Neil. Dad, a truck driver, and Mom, a nurse, read the e-edition of The Paper every day, and get down to C'ville whenever they can.

Neil hopes to have a bit more time to maybe play men's softball here in the future. Originally, It was an ad that got Neil into The Paper office. He had done some freelance work for Frank Phillips when he was editor but saw that a sports writer slot was available and he thought that was just up his alley. That was on Sept. 23, 2012 when he became an official part of The Paper Team.

Neil's sports writing has impressed me so much because his articles read more like stories and they are always uplifting. Even when there's a problem, he tackles the article on the bright side. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how The Paper continues to flourish under Neil's hand as this young man is definitely moving on up in the world of journalism. When I asked him about life, he gave me this nifty statement: "I'm not the wise old man to give advice, but I've always felt the harder you work in general, there are more chances for opportunities!" Pretty prudent if you ask me!

I think Neil will continue moving on up into his ultimate dream job (being an ESPN baseball broadcaster - his goal is by the time he's 50) and certainly I want to thank Neil very much for giving me a nod to interview him for this week's "Around the County!"