The LWV of Montgomery County participated in National Voter Registration Day Tuesday as part of a nationwide, nonpartisan effort to register thousands of voters on one single day! Last year over 300,000 new voters were registered on National Voter Registration Day alone. This year thousands of volunteers nationwide registered voters at transportation hubs, retail stores, sporting events and concerts.

David Maharry, Montgomery County LWV Voter Service Chair, orchestrated an active voter registration campaign on the Wabash College Campus. Wabash College Republican and Democrat Clubs provided volunteers to work together in a nonpartisan effort to provide eligible students with registration application.

The volunteers manned a table in front of the Sparks Student Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. passing out information on how to register to vote and accepting registration forms from students. The LWV delivered the completed documents to Karyn Douglas who will mail to the appropriate County Voter Registration offices throughout Indiana. Students from other states were directed to the web site,, which provides information about voter registration and absentee voting in all states.

Earlier this summer the LWV had voter information and Registration Booth in front of the City Building during the Strawberry Festival, as well as booths at the Montgomery County Fair, Indiana State Fair and Wabash Community Day.

Nearly one in four Americans is not registered to vote. Voter registration is key to engaging all Americans in the political process.

Although we do not have elections in Indiana this November, important primary and general elections will be held in 2014, and anyone not yet registered is encouraged to register now to be ready!

If you have changed your name or address, you need to re-register.

Registration is easy and there are several ways to get this done. You can register in person, by mail or online.

To register in person, visit the Voter Registration Office at the Montgomery County Courthouse, 100 E. Main Street, Crawfordsville from 8a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Karyn Douglas is the Voter Registration Deputy. She can be reached by telephone at 364-6437. You can also register at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles located at Crawfordsville Square, 1629 Eastway Drive, behind the south side of Kroger.

To register by mail, fill out the Voter Registration State Form and mail to Montgomery County Voter Registration, 100 E. Main Street, Crawfordsville.

It's also easy to register over the Internet by visiting the state website: Since July 1, 2010, Indiana has offered citizens the ability to submit your voter registration application online. This online voter registration application allows you to register to vote in Indiana, change your name on your voter registration record, or change the address on your voter registration record. This website can also be used to find the location of your polling place.

However, to register to vote online, you must also possess a current and valid Indiana driver's license or Indiana State Identification card. The State of Indiana will use your digitized signature on file with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as your voter registration signature. Only the voter registration information you provide and your digitized signature will be sent to your county voter registration office upon concluding the online voter registration application process.

Our system of government works well only if citizens participate.!

Who can


* A citizen of the United States,

* Will be at least 18 years old on or before election day,

* Have lived in your precinct where you vote for at least 30 days prior to the election,

* You are not currently in prison after being convicted of a crime.