Ninty-three years ago, the League of Women Voters was founded by Carrie Chapman Catt on Feb.14, 1920. Catt, a leading suffragist and brilliant strategist, devised the "Winning Plan", which led to the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment granting all women in the United States the right to vote. This was the culmination of a seventy-two year effort which began in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848. Visionary and courageous individuals throughout the country, including Zerelda Wallace, step-mother of Lew Wallace, were key suffrage supporters.

Catt created the LWV in 1920 to be a nonpartisan, multi-issue organization to encourage informed and active participation in government. From the beginning, the LWV has provided service to voters and influenced public policy through education and advocacy. The LWV does not endorse or oppose any candidate or political party.

Among services to voters, the League encourages citizens to register and vote. The Montgomery County LWV website ( ) provides contact information for city and county governmental officials and also links to state and national governmental agencies as well as to our state and national elected representatives and senators. The League sponsors candidate debates and forums, conducts poll worker surveys and monitors polling locations.

The League provides information and voter registration booths at the Strawberry Festival, Montgomery County Fair and Wabash College Community Fair. The League has a "Voting Booth" at the BPW's Reality Store. The LWV researches, publishes, and distributes FOCUS on Montgomery County, the "Government Directory for Crawfordsville and Montgomery County," and other informational pamphlets all provided free to the public. The LWV also has an Observer Corps which regularly monitors more than twenty city, county and school boards.

LWV members study local, state and national issues, and the League sponsors public informational evening meetings in these areas, as well as the "Lunch with the League" noontime programs. Some of the public informational meetings this year have been held on agriculture in Montgomery County as well as the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Ivy Tech, Economic Development, Title IX, Youth Services Bureau, M.C. Free Health Clinic, Emergency Management in Montgomery County, and Indiana State Resources for Small Communities.

The League collaborates with a number of local organizations in outreach programs and sponsoring public forums in areas of mutual interest. In the past year, the League has worked with the Business and Professional Women, Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County, Crawfordsville/Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Crawfordsville Livable Community, Crawfordsville Main Street, General Lew Wallace Study and Museum, Montgomery County Community Foundation, Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Wabash College.

The LWV has also organized the Montgomery County Small Community Network which meets quarterly to share information, concerns and successes.

Montgomery County League members participate in state and national LWV Conventions, Councils, and meetings; and local Leaguers are members of the LWV of Indiana State Board and serve on national LWV Committees.

The LWV of Montgomery County is an entirely volunteer organization with more than 130 men and women contributing countless hours working for good government. The annual Finance Drive, which funds all local activities, is conducted each year at the time of the League's anniversary. Contributions can be sent to the League of Women Voters (LWVMC) P.O. Box 101, Crawfordsville, Indiana, 47933.

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan, multi-issue political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase public understanding of major issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy. All men and women are invited to join LWV where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement. For information about the League, visit the website, send a message to LWV, PO Box 101, Crawfordsville or email