League of Women Voters members discussed and adopted local program for 2014-2015 at the May LWV Annual Meeting. Four local areas were approved for study and action: Economic Health and Outreach to Small Communities, Health Care in Montgomery County, Land Use in Montgomery County and Local Government.

The LWV of Montgomery County supports a healthy economy in Montgomery County. The League will continue study of those traits that make a community livable-housing, healthcare and support services, mobility and transportation, education and training, healthy business and industry, social and cultural diversity and enrichment, and recreation and tourism.

The League will act to promote economic health, livable communities, and city-county collaboration in Montgomery County, particularly with respect to those areas that lead to quality of life. The LWV will continue action to provide annual metrics on community economic health to a broad audience, including local residents as well as those who visit or may evaluate our community for investment.

The Outreach to Small Communities overture of Economic Health will continue to work with the Small Community Network to help identify goals for improvement and methods for implementation as needed and support for communication between the small towns to facilitate collaboration and sharing of information.

The Health Care committee will study the health care needs in Montgomery County. Possible topics include food insecurity and nutrition, illegal drug use, mental health issues, immunizations, and family planning.

Land Use in Montgomery County overture will continue to support the LWV position regarding county-wide planning, either through Area Planning, shared staff and resources, or separate government entities (Advisory Planning), as defined by Indiana statute.

Local Government Reform committee will continue to support the League position on the standards of local government that include: efficiency, accountability, accessibility, equity, and transparency.

During the summer, the League will again co-sponsor with Wabash College a "Green Issues" movie series to be held at the Fine Arts Center at Wabash College. Four films will be shown free to the public and start at 7 p.m. in the Korb Classroom at the Fine Arts Center at Wabash College. Preliminary schedule is:

Tuesday, June 17 - JANE'S JOURNEY, feature film length documentary about Jane Goodall; Wednesday, July 9 - VEGUCATED, humorous look at the decision to follow a vegan lifestyle;


Wednesday, September 3 - SO RIGHT, SO SMART, a positive look at businesses which have found ways to follow a sustainable path and still be successful.

Throughout the coming year, the League will share information with the public through public forums, Lunch with the League public meetings, columns in the media, and publications, as well as information booths at the Montgomery County Fair, Indiana State Fair, and Wabash Community Day.

LWV Officers for 2014-15 are: Karen Patton-President, Sue Fain-First Vice President, Gail Pebworth-Second Vice President, Karen Gunther-Secretary, Joyce Burnette-treasurer, and Directors: James Cherry Sr, S. David Long, and Sandra Ruby Elected members of the Nominating Committee are: Nancy Sennett, Susan Albrecht, and Helen Hudson.