The League of Women Voters applauds all who participated in the November 8 General Election.
Montgomery County had a total of 15,471 citizens vote in Tuesday’s Election. This represents 63.64 percent of 24,309 registered voters—a great increase over the 38 percent who voted in November 2014 and only 22.85 percent in November, 2015.
The top 10 precincts with percentage of eligible voters participating were: Sugar Creek 76.16 percent, Union 3-75.09 percent, Union 2-74.75 percent, Union 7-73.93 percent, Union 6-73.48 percent, Franklin 71.71 percent, Union 1-71.59 percent, Union 5-71.37, Union 4-69.84 percent, and Scott 67.72 percent.
Top five precincts in the city of Crawfordsville were: Crawfordsville 4-65.48 percent, Crawfordsville 1-63.96 percent, Crawfordsville 2-56.43 percent, Crawfordsville 7-56.39 percent, and Crawfordsville 3-56.35 percent.
Great credit should be given to County Clerk Jennifer Bentley and Deputy Karyn Douglas with the help of many county employees for organizing tremendous early voting opportunities and the promotion of moving toward Vote Centers to make voting more convenient and economical for Montgomery County voters.
This involved providing training for poll workers, assuring ballots were accurate, distributing voting machines, receiving machines after the election, running through computer results and distributing results to political parties, news media, radio, LWV and others. The returns Tuesday night were calculated and distributed with efficiency and speed.
Many workers were needed for early voting. Stephanie Goodnight, Gloria Long and Ruth Hallett supervised voting at the Court House.
Early voting was conducted on seven dates at Rock Point Church. Assisting with these were: Bonnie Mills, Paula Livesay, Ann Watson, Lynn Miles-Morillo, Janet Keedy, Warren Rosenberg, Virginia Servies, Karl Dickerson, Norm Reimondo, Curt Daniels, Cheryl Naylor, Ann Watson, David Polley, Debbie Polley, Donnie Sheehan, and Lynn Miles-Morillo.
Early voting on two Saturdays were held—in Waveland and Waynetown Oct. 29 and Darlington and Ladoga on Nov. 5. Conducting these were: Leah Denbo, Lena Custer, Anthony Harris, Evelyn Duncan, John Servies, and Jane Steiner, Kim Sandusky, Pam Howey, Kaitlyn Kirkman, Donna Astin, Devin Guard, and Royce Foster.
On Tuesday Election Day, each Vote Center had nine poll workers who had to arise early to appear at the Vote Center by 5 a.m. and assure that all was in order. Polls were open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the 12-hour voting period, worker s had to check each voter for registration, photo ID, and instruct voters in use of new machines.
At the end of the voting period, machines were returned to the court house for vote tally. This was a long day in the service of citizens of our county. Some voting officials have served in this capacity on election day for many years, even decades, and some were new poll workers.
We salute these officials who worked at the five Vote Centers!
North Montgomery High School: Pam Howey, Bab Clark, Ginny Jones, Debbie Lough, Scout Groves, Jacquelyn Denhart, Royce Foster, David Phillips, and Bill Doemel.
Friendship Baptist: Stephanie Goodnight, Kathy Hanna, Gloria Long, Chase Donaldson, Emilea Pursell, Donna Astin, Ron Astin, Warren Rosenberg, and Jamie Watson.
Rock Point Church: Bonnie Mills, Brad Mullendore, Sue Mullendore, Jenna Vaught, Olivia Grady, Ann Watson, Ruth Hallett, Phyllis Hine and Lorraine Hitz-Bradley.
St. Bernard’s Church: Norm Reimondo, Tom Traughber, Oscar Anderson, Elyssa Bentley, Sammie Amidon, Cheryl Naylor, Jim Rubner, Virginia Servies, and Mary Maxwell.
Whiteville Church: Sally Evans, Vicki Deer, Jamie Schillings, Kim Barclay, Paula Livesay, Evelyn Duncan, Carol Spencer, David Maharry, and Virginia Maharry.

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