Dear MAC,

Phase I of the Nucor sewage project is basically finished. When or are they going to build phase II and the construction of the sewage project for Smartsburg, along SR 32 and Nucor Road?

Jerry Turner


Thanks for the question. This one took a bit of hunting to try to find an answer to. And there wasn't much to be said even then. I chatted with Terry Hockersmith, who is a Montgomery County Commissioner and also serves on the regional sewer board. He said they're taking a first-things-first approach.

"We're still working on Phase 1," he said. "We're going to get Phase 1 going good and wait until there's demand for Phase 2. I would like to see us get some income coming in and start paying the bonds back, but I'm just one of five."

He also explained that Phase 2 would include the work for Smartsburg, along SR 32 and Nucor Road.

So there it is, Jerry. Thanks for coming to MAC with your question!


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