Why do cat owners think it is perfectly all right for their cats to roam the neighborhoods, pooping in neighbors yards when it is not all right for dogs to do the same?  Should they keep them inside or on a leash and carry a poopie bag?

 Evidently there is no ordinance against it, but it seems they would want to be better neighbors.

 If I wanted to clean up cat and dog poop from my yard, I would get my own dog or cat. 

Norma P.

Dear Norma,

We went to Barry Lewis, who is the city code enforcement officer. Here is his answer:

"Yes there is. I think two would apply.

"91.02 - (A) No person shall allow any domestic livestock or domestic pets to run at large in the city.

"(B) No owner or agent shall fail to exercise proper care and control of their animal to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance.

"91.04 - Each owner or agent shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any excrete deposited by their animal (s) on public walks, recreation areas or private property.

"Fines are $25 for first offense; $50 for second offense: or $100 for third offense. Five or more violations in a calendar year could result in a $500 fine for being a habitual offender. (Code No. 91.99).

"In the code a cat is deemed as a domestic pet."

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