Can’t believe it is March with this weather. Burrrrr it is cold outside. Our Volunteer drivers have escorted 12 veterans to Roudebush at Indianapolis, and two veterans to the Danville, Ill. Hospital. I also had 23 veterans visit my office for consultations. We received a total of 60 calls from vets this month to the office. Any veteran that needs a ride to Danville, Ill. or Roudebush Hospital in Indy please call me at 361-4133 at least a week in advance.
One of our van drivers Jim Gobble has retired from driving this year. We would like to thank Jim for his many hours of service in escorting veterans to the VA hospitals in all kinds of weather. It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Gobble. At this time we are in search of at least two new volunteer drivers to fulfill our needs. The pay is low but the rewards in volunteering are immeasurable. All veterans try and schedule their appointments in the morning Monday thru Friday for us. Drivers do not have to be a veteran, but must hold a valid driver’s license. The driver will need to complete a physical and a background check through the VA. We can help set up the appointment. One of our drivers will take you to the VA to complete the process. Please call me at 361-4133 if you are interested.
Next we have an opportunity for a Montgomery County family or a veteran to purchase a new home. A family must be in need of adequate housing. Their income must be enough income to pay for a Habitat home, but not enough income to qualify for conventional bank financing and too much income to qualify for government housing programs. Your house payment, including taxes and insurance, cannot exceed 35 percent of your annual gross income. Your TOTAL debt ratio, house payment plus other financial responsibilities cannot exceed 43 percent of gross income. Estimated Example: (this is based on a maximum 30-year loan)
Your Gross income is = $35,000 Cost of the Habitat mortgage is = $75,000 and your mortgage payment (including taxes & insurance) = $350 monthly.
The Family Selection Committee will identify and recommend prospective families for approval for partnering families. Several methods for evaluation are used by the committee. (Credit check, character checks, etc). Their contributions of volunteer labor by adult members of Board-approved families as follows. If the Board-approved families have two adults, they must earn at least 400 hours of sweat equity prior to moving into their home. 150 hours needs to be earned by working on other Habitat homes, 200 hours earned on their own home and they may earn up to 50 hours volunteering at another Montgomery County non-for-profit agency. This Saturday the Habitat for Humanity will hold a meeting to qualify applicants. It will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the March 9 at 810 Jennison Street, Crawfordsville. If you are interested please plan on attending. For more information on this event please call the Habitat for Humanity at (765) 364-6704.