Welcome to the first of what hopefully will be a series of columns in The Paper answering the FAQ "How's the movie coming along?" among others.   

The movie in question of course is tentatively entitled "Montgomery County Movie" and derives that name from a Company-level decision at the genesis of the idea that all people, places and props in the movie will have a legitimate connection with Montgomery County.

Also covered sporadically in this column will be "Latest Happenings", "What's Next", "Who's Who", "What's Needed", even "What Didn't Work" and much more. It will be a candid look at how to and how not to make a feature-length movie entirely in Montgomery County ...with no budget.

Even the suggestion of forming a Non-Profit Organization for the purpose of soliciting Government Funding was turned down for three reasons: a Federal Government Grant would not be issued from Montgomery County, a State Government Grant would not come from Montgomery County and both owners of the Movie Company live in Montgomery County and wouldn't want their local tax dollars spent on such a frivolous adventure as this. (However free-will donations to the cause of a substantial nature will be gratefully acknowledged within the "Credits" portion of the picture.)

But don't be misled. As any business man or woman will tell you, the decision to form a "For Profit" Corporation does not in itself guarantee a profit. This is especially true in the Movie Business where history has shown the odds of an Independent Film making a profit, especially on the first try, are equal to that of a 3-legged horse winning the Kentucky Derby. Thus our sub-title name "A 3-Legged Horse Production". But more on the issues above in future columns.

Today let us deal with "How did it go Saturday(8/3/13)?" The answer: It went well. 62 people answered the call to the old CHS Gymnasium inside the Athena Sport and Fitness center. (Thanks go out to Katina Curran and her crew for donating use of the site) Most of the attendees will be seen in the picture as an unhappy group of fictional Montgomery County town citizens fed-up with the continuing atrocities happening in their fictitious community with no apparent plan by fictitious local officials to catch the fictitious culprit.

Original plans to film two additional portions during the day's "shoot" turned out to be somewhat overly ambitious. But the most important aspect, the crowd scene cuts, were completed and the early "rushes" showed them to be fine. The audience full of "Extras" was exceptionally good.

Current Needs: If anyone knows a person in Montgomery County who does Taxidermy work have them contact Montgomery County World Headquarters at the options below.

That's it this time...'til next time.