If you missed the Sunday Indianapolis Star I suggest you borrow one from a friend or check it out at your local library. Right there in the middle of the front page is "Low lights, few cameras, little action". It's a sob story that goes on for another two pages about three executives from an Indiana Media Production Alliance that plan to film a movie about "two Indianapolis teens that meet and fall in love". Apparently their budget is in the multi-million dollar range and they "wish" they could film it in Indiana but there's a problem. Our State doesn't give these multi-million dollar film-makers big enough tax-breaks. So instead of bringing their big name movie stars and production people in from LA and NY to film in Indianapolis, the movie will be made in Pittsburgh, Penn.

It makes a person wonder what they would do with a movie like our Montgomery County Movie that has a zero budget, (already $3,000 in the hole) and will be filmed entirely in Montgomery County. All of our actors and crew members will have a Montgomery County connection. That means all year long, year after year, they spend their money (from their paying jobs) here at local restaurants, grocery stores, hardware, furniture, automobile service, clothing stores, beauty and barber shops and more. And yes they even pay property taxes here. All without any tax incentives. We would have purchased all of our movie-making equipment locally, but nobody here sells that stuff.

Some big movie makers want tax breaks for their "for-profit" corporations. Others are "not-for-profit" corporations. Ours is a "not-gonna-make-a-profit" Corporation. Yes we'll accept donations. But we're not even asking for tax breaks. And we sure aren't gonna do any filming in Pittsburgh - not even Pittsboro.

But despite a lack of government handouts we continue to forge ahead. Last week we assigned 10 new acting roles, picked up two experienced camera operators, shot portions of 4 scenes and almost completed our filming schedule for this fall. In doing so we noticed a need for even more local people willing to be in the move as "extras". So if you, or someone you know, would like to sign up to be filmed sitting in the café, walking down the street or saying "ooooo!" at one of or horror scenes, let us know at the contact listings below. And keep posted on the latest action frequently updated on the "Montgomery County Movies" facebook site.

Today's "Meet The Cast" member is Montgomery County native Madeline Hepburn, daughter of Bill and Lois. She is a 13-year-old, home-schooled eighth grader who has been in numerous productions at the Vanity Theatre and Myers Dinner Theatre. Her most recent show at the Vanity was "The Story of Hansel and Gretel", where she portrayed The Witch. She enjoys working with her dog and playing in the woods. "Maddie" has signed on to play a major role in our Movie and we're happy to have her.

That's it for this time... 'til next time.