I won't get into details but last Saturday five people lost a complete and valuable day of filming because one person doesn't read their emails very often. This is similar to those who have voice mail but don't turn it on or respond to important messages when they do. If you're not going to use something why have it? It takes two to communicate. Why give your phone number or email address as an avenue for communication if you don't want to communicate. Did you ever think your lack of communicating might effect others?

So much for that.

Nonetheless we did accomplish more filming last week and the week before. We shot our first scene using fake blood. The recipe is secret except to say it looks real ... and tastes pretty good too.

Our goal is to spread the scene locations throughout Montgomery County. This week we're checking out possible locations in Linden, Ladoga, New Ross and Mace. If you have others in mind let me know. We already have plans (weather permitting) to film this week in Darlington, Crawfordsville, Bal Hinch and down around Shades State Park. We've even scheduled some shots from an airplane and have a lady checking out locations in Kirkpatrick for us (which shouldn't take long).

Make a note we will need a bunch of child "extras" in Halloween costumes and adults in a crowd scene for filming on Saturday and all ages of Montgomery County citizens for a wedding ceremony scene in the Alamo Church on Oct. 19. If you're interested see my avenues of communication below.  

Today we want to feature another of our cast members - Mike Rossi. He has appeared on stage in several local productions over the years including "The Sting" at the Vanity Theater. Mike is employed as a field agent for the Indiana Office of Technology, takes great pride in being a family man and, in addition to acting, has many other side interests. He has authored a novel entitled "Knightlight: Prelude to the Dark Messiah" and is the director/writer/creator of the radio comedy "The Alligator Man" which can be heard on 88.1 FM Crawfordsville.

Obviously we're happy to have Mike Rossi playing a major role in our Montgomery County Movie. Note to other cast and crew members... get those bios and photos in to MCM World Headquarters for publication.

That's it for today. For more frequent updates Like us on Facebook.

Dick Munro is Producer of Montgomery County Movies LLC and can be reached at 362-3838 or munro-1@wico.net