Click the second dot below for this week's Around the County guest!
Click the second dot below for this week's Around the County guest!
Do believe that my impromptu interviews are often my best and this week hubs and I ran into my guest at the China Buffet. Although I thought I’d interviewed him very early on for my ATC article, he said I’d not so my comment was, “Well, then let’s do this!” Since I’ve always loved his whole family, I got excited, and Jim of course, has known him for years as they were some of our best customers at Zach’s Family Restaurant. In fact, he noted that his enjoying root beers went way back to the B-K.
Speaking of the restaurant, his daughter was with him, and she had me laughing so hard telling about how she and her friends loved going in there. They’d be cruising around and see someone they knew in there, stop and talk them into supper. “Either my grandparents, someone else’s grandparents or some of my adopted grandparents (Bullerdicks, Thompsons …) would buy. I particularly loved a good, cold root beer!” She in turn thought it was hilarious that I don’t like root beer, but sure did enjoy those orange floats!
Restaurants were important in this interview as his family owned a donut shop for three years, the best-ever in town, I do believe! In fact, he and his family were living in Ohio at the time, and his dad purchased the place to lure him back home. Later, he was one of the managers of our local Pizza Hut for 20 years.
He graduated from New Market where he was active in music and art, then on to ISU majoring in both of those. There,he met his wife who was a music major from Flora, Indiana. They were married for 47 years before she passed away in January of 2017. She was a music teacher in Ohio and North Montgomery. A member of Ladoga Presbyterian Church, she played the organ there for three decades.
We laughed a lot during this interview. Both father and daughter are so humorous. “I’m an open book he noted,” while she popped back, “And please be careful what pages you turn to,” looking at me! When he couldn’t think of something he wanted to say, they quipped, “To an airhead a breeze is a train of thought!”
They also had us guffawing over him being dumped in a gallon peanut can, painted black, saying, “Well, a nut goes in a nut can,” stands to reason I guess. He has lots of hobbies, and his sense of humor is prevalent in one of those in particular. Some of the hobbies he enjoys is making Christmas decorations. He seemed to have inherited excess silverware from his folks and others and decided to put it to use. He makes icicle decorations, silver spoons with snowmen faces and such. He also has a super large embroidery machine and makes fluffy towels with family members names embroidered on them. His son’s family always gets white towels but they love to at least guess what color the embroidery will be. Now, his daughter doesn’t really care what color so it’s a real guess for her. As you know, he loves art, and especially enjoys doing several word searches in a day, then laying them out and painting the lines the way they go in various colors and making a large focal point in the middle. I just gotta’ see one of those. They have been displayed in the Fine Arts Building at ISU, too.
He enjoys movies, especially those with Adam Sandler. “Anything I can laugh at as laughter is good medicine.” He truly enjoys old Westerns too but oddly, his favorite movie is Australia, because he loves the movie, with such a great story about WWII.
Classical music is his enjoyment and remembered distinctly going with other honor students to his professor’s house when Barbara Streisand first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.
A big part of his life is clowning. Although he began with Smiles Unlimited in Crawfordsville, he is now in a group in Lafayette. They go to several companies, including Subaru, Frito-Lay, Eli Lilly, to entertain kids. He appreciates these places giving to the underprivileged kids, bags of winter coats, shoes, pillows, blankets, groceries. His daughter, Tracie cried the first time she went to help. He has given part of his summers counselling at Hanging Rock with Lafayette Urban Ministries. This hobby (although he also has made money – kind of like my writing, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t) has lasted 30 years. He particularly enjoys going to (and even chaired two of the Midwest Clowning Association’s) conventions. His grandchildren clowned with him and have gone to several conventions, as well. Writing skits, teaching and lecturing has all become a part of his life. An interesting notation as to his clowning was that in a parade once, he lost his wig – it just went flying off in the wind, and of course, he ran down the street trying to catch it. Such a hoot, “better than any skit anyone could write!”
Most of you probably figured-out early on that my guest this week is none other than Bill Young. He and wife, Cheryl parented two adorable young’uns, Ed married to Missy and daughter Tracie. Ed’s have his two grandchildren, Bethany a Sophomore at Xavier studying business management and Jon a freshman at CHS who is on the drum line and “makes racket.” Definitely, a very talented group of musicians in this family. Ed owns Photographed by Ed where he laughingly tells parents, “I’ll shoot your kid!” He and Missy also have a child care business. Tracie works at Random House and enjoys music from her dad’s era.
At almost 77, he looks great, but has had two strokes. He says, “Third time’s the charm,” and laughed, although I’m not sure I saw the humor this time. Got enough laughing in without that one, though. His buddy is Tucker, his Yorky. Sure enjoyed the surprise evening with you Bill and thanks so much for being this week’s ATC guest!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.