Hey, MAC,

What would it take to have places to tie up dogs allowing one to shop and exercise the animal?

Crawfordsville Shopper

Dear Shopper,

When you ask about shopping, that sounds like you are writing about shopping downtown or possibly at a strip mall.

So, we took your question to Brandy Allen, planning director for the City of Crawfordsville.

"It's not a zoning question," she said. "I think it would be up to the individual business owners."

She said that if some kind of device, like a bicycle rack, were added to tie up dogs outside a business, and if that device was located on the public right of way, the business owner would have to go through the City.

I think a recent example might include outside menu boards in front of restaurants. The Crawfordsville Board of Works and Safety approved those signs that were set up on sidewalks outside the restaurants that applied for permission.

Thanks for writing! Mrs. Allen called one of the most interesting questions she has ever been asked!


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