Shawn Greiner is coming to the South Montgomery superintendent's seat with the right attitude. 

As the news story on this page suggests, he wants to get to know us before he tries to change us. 

That is important. 

Many of us can remember the first time we were given a position of leadership. The temptation to jump in and make the organization over into our own image was great, especially if our bosses were none too happy with the way things were. 

Shawn (I don't think I called a superintendent by his first name in my life) is new to the superintendent's seat. But that should be looked upon as a positive not a negative in any way, shape or form. 

He is coming into a strong school system. 

The recent high ranking of Southmont High School among all schools in the nation (Southmont placed in the top 10 percent) says a lot about the strength of all the schools in the district, not just Southmont. (And in the interest of fair disclosure - I am prejudiced. My kids graduated from Southmont and are stronger and better people for it.)

He has the right attitude toward the Indiana Department of Education. 

In recent years it is no secret that Dr. Tony Bennett was a lightning rod, drawing fire from public school professionals across the state. While visiting Crawfordsville last year, Dr. Bennett likened his reputation among the public as being a "monster" though he didn't come across that way in person. 

Shawn is taking the attitude that the state department folks just might know a few things that will benefit schools outside the I-465 beltway. 

Lastly, Shawn is a Rotarian. That disclosure should gain him points with many people whose opinions I respect. 

The things a Rotarian believes (is it the truth; is it fair to all concerned; will it build good will and better friendships; and will it be beneficial to all concerned) are values that will carry any school professional - or any person - far. 

I look forward to Shawn Greiner's tenure in our fair county. I believe South Montgomery is poised to do great things. That is not a platitude. It is a commitment and possibility that the school corporation can achieve with the right superintendent at the helm in the years going forward. 

Frank Phillips has observed and reported on events in central Indiana for nearly 20 years. He is employed by The Paper of Montgomery County.