Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guests!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guests!
These two work together every day. She teaches second; he the high-ability third graders. “We love going to work,” they chimed, indicating they have not only a passion for teaching and children, but life in general!
She grew-up in Brazil and did dance and drill team, although she said she’s not particularly athletic or a girly-girl. He lived right across the street from where he teaches today. I particularly enjoyed how this man received his job. It was in his folks’ backyard at his college graduation open house. Bob Tandy shook his hand with an offer for employment! Still there, still loves it!
His life revolved around basketball and baseball. He has coached many of South’s 1,000 point men (he ranking quite high in points, as well), including his oldest son and wouldn’t doubt the younger two won’t accomplish that as well. Their whole family is involved today. The oldest of three, she has a brother and sister and he is the youngest of two sons. Stay tuned for information on their three C’s.
Now, get this! These two were in the same college at the same time, had the same major and never met. Since she got started ahead of him and ISU is fairly large, the meeting never happened. It was as she was wrapping up her student teaching (and subbing in a PE, yep PE, class) that a mutual friend introduced them. Later on, they met for ice cream. He had his two-year-old niece, Jessica, with him indication that he would be a fantastic family man. She giggled that it might have been a strategy but think not as he’s still crazy about the nieces, “his girls!” With three boys, she admits she’d not do well in the girl scene braiding hair and shopping for dresses. She just loves her boys!
When we first met at Pizza Hut, it was just the two, then their youngest joined us. They had warned me that he (and their oldest) is extremely quiet. Yep! I asked him a few questions and got yes or no answers but when I queried him if there was anything good about having two older brothers, he shook his head no! Anything bad? I got a huge up and down head bopping on that one! He did talk a little when we got to what the family loves doing together. It actually began with just our guests and her parents. Now, the five of them plus her folks still go every summer to the beach. Family tradition!
Mainly, though, they travel to sports events - she had just been the night before with his mom (one of my favorite ladies, ever) to Northern Indiana to watch their oldest, Cam, play for Bethel College. 6’3” Carson is in the 8th grade at South. You can probably guess that with two names beginning with a C, that the third one, Cale (a 5th grader) would, too. Cam and Cale are definitely quiet, but Carson, they assure me is “not” in that category. All have interesting nicknames from their Gpa’. Buddy, Zeke and Three. In fact, many readers may know our feature by his nickname, Buckshot, given him by the same man. Being school teachers, they had a long list of names to avoid, but Camden Ryan; Carson Daniel and Cale Griffin were all ones they loved. Nifty names, fellows, and notice “family” interspersed within.
Of course, with all this information, almost anyone reading this article will know our guests are Dan and Lisa Griffin Chadd. They celebrated their 21st anniversary August 2nd, quite a feat in today’s world, I’d say!
Dan has played about everything and coached it, too, including Golf which he’d never played. In fact, since he’s been teaching, there’s only been two years he wasn’t a varsity coach (adding to that golf gig, tennis, basketball, baseball and football). Up until the last few years when they became so involved with the boys’ sports, he also played many of those. “Any sport in town,” he played. I saw him play softball just this summer, although Lisa assures me he complains of a few more aches and pains now! They have put on thousands of car miles to and from sports. I sure wish the total was available. It’d be amazing!
With three sons, they said they’d never have a dog, but Carson and Lisa walked the dogs at the Animal Shelter. They fell in love with one particular, a “mutt” best described as a Pugle. Dan said, “No, we are not bringing home a dog.” So, they didn’t but “Opal” did go to a ballgame. Dan was in love. After years of denying children in bed, “Opal sleeps with them.” Opal even has dog sweaters and the kids at school love dressing her up. Even Lisa got into the girly thing a bit, donning her in a Kobe Bryant jersey. Dan grinned to Cale, saying, “Opal and Mom are our queens!” Didn’t get to meet Opal, but Mom definitely equals queenly material!
These two give back. Example: 13 years they headed-up the South Youth Basketball program. This year, they decided it was someone else’s turn, thus allowing them to be able to travel north to see Cam and enjoy the other two play. I wanted to know if they were documenting things. He laughed and said, “For ten years, I’ve bought her scrapbooking supplies; they’re all over the house.” Problem is, “Well, Cam has five books; Carson maybe a couple but poor Cale has only a few things done.” There’ll be time for that and they did assure me they do online books.
Having three boys has helped with their teaching. They know what to expect out of kids they teach and not surprised at much of anything. These two are definitely kid-oriented and I’m thinking any student will be lucky to have either and best of both worlds, to be blessed with Dan and Lisa Chadd. Thanks, you two, for being this week’s ATC guests.
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.