Why would a photo of a President with his arm around a local celebrity cause a stir? Yet, in this highly politicized time, it has generated a 911 call and a man ordered to leave a local business. 

It all started in 2011 when Crawfordsville's Marcheta Dixon was invited to travel to Miami, Fla., and meet former President Bill Clinton at the home of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 

There were a number of other guests on hand and Secret Service agents everywhere. Each of the guests who met Clinton were given green security bracelets. They were escorted into a room, six at a time, and told they must not remove the bracelets or touch the President, Marcheta recalled this week. 

But the President touched her. 

"Where are you from?" he asked.

She told him she was from Crawfordsville and he said, "I've been there. That's where Purdue is located." 

In the photo that was taken of Marcheta and Clinton, he has his arm around her shoulder and she has her finger pointed at him.

"I told him Crawfordsville is the home of Wabash College, not Purdue," she said. 

Later, Clinton asked the man who arranged the gathering about Marcheta. 

"Is she the mayor of the town?" he asked. 

"Oh, heavens, no," he replied. "She's a junk dealer."

Marcheta is wearing a dark colored dress in the photo. She bought it for 75 cents from Trinity Mission and a group from Chicago has offered her $1,000 but she won't part with it. 

Today, a large copy of that photo hangs in LaRose on Main in downtown Crawfordsville. 

It has stirred up controversy. 

A couple from Illinois visited the shop and the man created such a ruckus because he hated the photo that another customer asked Marcheta to call 911 to have the man removed. 

On another occasion, a man expressed his great displeasure with the photo. 

"I told him, I'm going to do you a favor," Marcheta said. "You have exactly 20 seconds to get out of my store."

She said she was frightened by the first experience but the store was full of people the second time and that emboldened her to throw the second man out. 

If you get a chance, ask Marcheta to tell you about meeting and driving Bobby Kennedy around Central Indiana. She has a photo of them together, too.