Kudos to those 27 hearty souls who earlier this week ignored the predictions of heavy showers and joined in our shoot near the Tippecanoe County line at the Virgin Farm in Madison Township. We're not quite sure those folks fully understood the significance of that small part of our story, but now they have a clue others don't. (Remember everyone is sworn to secrecy.)

A few extras said they would show up but didn't. Quite possibly due to those predictions. Therefore let me announce the MCM philosophy on cancellations.

We very seldom call off anything due to weather. We are very flexible and could change location from outside to inside or make other adjustments, which we were prepared to do that evening. Also "spotty" or "occasional" showers mean just that. It may be pouring down rain where you are but not at the set location.

Last Tuesday was one of those examples. My wife Betty brought some props to the set and informed us it was pouring down rain as she entered Linden. But we were filming only 2 ½ miles east under a slight drizzle which shortly stopped.

Last summer we were filming at the Hockersmith farm near the Bal-Hinch Store and could plainly see heavy rainfall that seemed to be advancing in our direction. However we kept shooting and the storm bypassed us and flooded areas of Crawfordsville.

So here in a nutshell is our policy.

"If you don't hear from us that it IS called off... it ISN'T."

Look for more pictures on our "Montgomery County Movies" Facebook site.

And that's a wrap.