What's in a name? Depends.

On one hand, it's just a name. On the other though, it's part of an identity. It's a first impression, a familiar term, a greeting for a friend.

For us at the little newspaper that could, it's been one name since 2004. We have officially been known as The Paper of Montgomery County Indiana, Inc. You can look us up at the Secretary of State's office and there we are. Not sure if it's filed under T for The or P for Paper, but it's official and it's served us well for almost 10 years now.

Problem is, it doesn't really fit like it used to. See, back when we got going long-time editor and friend Gail Hamilton dubbed us The Paper of Montgomery County. Made sense. That's exactly what we were. One daily newspaper operating in Montgomery County.

Then we bought The Weekly of West-Central Indiana.

Then we bought The Times in Noblesville. Hamilton County. Not Crawfordsville. Not Montgomery County.

The name of the company no longer fit so well.

Understand, we didn't want to mess with Gail's original title for our newspaper, just like we didn't want to mess with the title of a newspaper that had been in Noblesville since 1904.

So we turned to our folks and asked them to submit names they thought would best fit. They responded very well and we had some interesting choices.

Hoosier Media, Hometown Media, Two Rivers Media, Modern Newspapers, Progressive Newspapers, Hoosier News Source, Twelve Minds Media, Graybeard Publishing . . . and more.

It was hard to choose. There is a long and proud tradition of locally owned newspaper companies in Indiana and it's certainly our hope that we can grow into one of those. The Brown family down in Columbus has built a great company with roots that trace back into the 1870s. Their company name is Home News Enterprises. The Schurz family from South Bend and the Nixon family are two more examples of outstanding Indiana newspaper companies. Both use or used their family names for the company title. Of course there was also the Neal family in Noblesville, Charlie Biggs in Hope and the O'Bannons in southern Indiana - yes, the same Frank O'Bannon who was Indiana's 47th governor.

Those are all great names, great people and great companies and they give us upstarts wonderful examples to emulate.

The plan was to find a name that fit today and yet would fit tomorrow and down the road; a name that would fit a company that owned three newspapers as well as a company that could expand and own more. We also wanted a name that fit with who we are - an Indiana company proud of its roots and proud of its people.

We had multiple choices, many of them very good.

What we ended up with was a name that has roots in Indiana and with Native Americans. It's a name that has connected Montgomery County and Hamilton County and the rich sports heritage of our schools. It's a name with a proud history. A name that we will do our best to live up to.

Welcome to The Paper of Montgomery County, a division of Sagamore News Media.