What does it mean to be a "good Republican"? Is it whoever gives the most money to the Republican Party? No. Is it whoever volunteers the most time? Not necessarily. Then what is it? It is someone who supports Republican principles. And those principles are the Republican Platform.

Republicans believe in a free society. We believe in citizens working together to solve society's problems, and that we are not dependent on government to solve our problems for us. This lets us build lives for ourselves, make our own decisions, and be responsible for ourselves. i

"[Republicans] are committed to the individual responsibility of citizens. Government serves a purpose to provide for the defense, safety and education of its citizens. However, in most instances, it is incumbent upon the individual to responsibly lead their lives and make the decisions that best suit them without interference from the government." -- Indiana Republican Platform

This means we don't have to believe in a government-dictated social and economic outcome. It means we accept whatever social and economic outcome that emerges when government gets out of the way and lets people work together to solve their own social and economic problems.ii

"[Republicans] are committed to creating an environment where jobs and our economy can grow. The proper role of government in this equation is to get out of the way and let Hoosier entrepreneurs and job creators build, grow and expand their private enterprises in our state. ... Working to continue our march up the lists of the best places to do business will require a laser focus on decreasing regulations and keeping taxes low for individuals and Hoosier employers..." -- Indiana Republican Platform

Indiana is one of the freest states in the Union. Property taxes in Indiana are now among the lowest in the nation.iii Our Right-To-Work law allows employers and employees more flexibility and less coercion. The result is more employers are choosing to relocate in Indiana. This is obviously a step in the right direction and a lesson we can learn at the local level. Government's role is to keep taxes and regulations low.

Economic growth should be left up to individual citizens and their businesses to determine. Too often, though, local government tries to artificially stimulate economic development for their own agenda of raising tax revenue. But as Ronald Reagan liked to remind us, we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

"[Republicans] have lived by a number of simple principles, but atop that list is the fact that Hoosiers know what's best for Hoosiers. We don't ask for, or want, the federal government to interfere with or dictate how we should live our lives. ...We are committed to protecting and defending our U.S. and Indiana Constitutions... Our Constitutions are more than mere paper. They contain the foundational principles for government's vital but limited relationship with the citizens it serves." -- Indiana Republican Platform.

Being a good Republican means you support Republican principles.


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