Blending families can be quite a feat - Adri and Greg Northcutt accomplished it with finesse.
Blending families can be quite a feat - Adri and Greg Northcutt accomplished it with finesse.
I’ve had some rollicking good times writing the Around The County articles, but do believe I laughed the hardest at this one. Non-stop laughing. We even laughed in the middle of a deep discussion or two.
Received the name of these two for an interview from three different people. All said because of their unique family, how it is blended so beautifully. That certainly was what the big topic was and there were some hilarious stories.
This, I believe, is the third time I’ve had a younger son join in. All fun, but this one was a hoot. In fact, let’s begin with him. I knew his grandfather well and thought that he was one of the best men I’ve ever known. Never a time he wouldn’t help anyone with whatever was needed. A lot of time was spent with this young man and his grandpa, and they did something I’d never heard of before and probably won’t again, but I simply loved it. Grandpa’ was big on going to do something, get out and play a sport, or work outside. When our boy’s grandfather would pick him up at school or various places, the young one was always asked what he’d like to do. Typical answer, “Watch t.v.” However, this grandparent had quite a different view of how that was done. They’d sit and watch, “Black t.v.;” in other words, nothing was on. Plan well instigated as soon, it was time to go out and do something. When I asked the fellow what he’d like to be (dad had already hinted at such), he immediately piped up he wanted to be a policeman and was going to shadow one for the day yet this week. Also, he is thinking of flying as on a recent vacation, he saw the Blue Angels in exhibition. Something in sports or who knows? After all, he’s a football, basketball, baseball playing Freshman at North so he has plenty of time.
My gal comes from a large family I’ve known for decades, but the first time I remember seeing her was when she was the flower girl and our son, Jay, the ring bearer at a post Christmas wedding. They were adorable. Jay took his role quite seriously; however, the young gal got about half way down the aisle, then dashed back crying. So cute.
Originally, it was their mutual friend, Paula Olsen, who introduced them at the 5-10-15-20 store when he was 16, she 18. Years later, she saw him at the bowling alley and he told her to come join the euchre group which she did for a couple of hours. Ended-up, he burned her. So, she was apt to do the same the next time around. Finally, Paula stepped in, asking if she had told him she loved him, then asking him the same. With that out of the way and blessings from her parents, dad saying, “He’s a good man,” and mom noting, “If something happens I’ll take him over you!”
Then, came the blending of the families. “When we married, there was no yours or mine. We were one family. All the kids were mine and all the kids were hers!” Never, was the term stepkids uttered. In fact, the four youngsters were all involved in the wedding at Linden United Methodist Church (Alan Sparks, minister). When they asked his title, dad or his name, he said it didn’t really matter, but they needed to know that, “When I married your mom, I also married you!”
Definitely, they knew what they were getting in to, but, “It was so hard at times.” They credited local counsellor, Dr. Elghammer, for steering them in the proper direction. They took a 10-weeks intensive course. “Sometimes, he was pretty blunt,” she said, referring to when she would try to be in the middle of the fussing and nothing worked. “Butt out! Let ‘em figure things out for themselves!” With that said, they beamed when they told me, “God blessed us with five beautiful kids!”
“We had a great support system, as well.” God, her parents, friends. Getting involved playing softball was a good choice, as well. They’re both very sport-oriented. “We’ve become a family with so many great folks at the softball diamonds.”
So, let’s meet those nifty young’uns. Another roar came when they began with the two grandkids, versus the five of theirs. There is Beth Joy, fourteen months who, they agreed is, “A hoot!” and Alayah Kay age seven months.
Jordan, their oldest works at Demoret Electric, Bill Reed is his boss. Jordan’s wife, Trisha’s boss, is Bill’s wife, Amber. They live in Crawfordsville.
Jessica, married to Brandon (Trinity Mission Counsellor) is the 8th grade volleyball coach and teaches at Wainwright Middle School in Lafayette. They live in Linden and mom and dad, beamed as they told me that Jess was Purdue’s 2014-15 Teacher of the Year.
Abigail married Taylor, a Wabash College mechanic and Abbi works for Riggens Heating. They just bought a home in Waynetown, just two houses from folks, Adri and Greg Northcutt.
Erika, a Sophomore at IUPUI is majoring in business and when home, works at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Then there’s Ike, whom you met above.
Another thing they love is Montgomery County. Actually, Greg works in maintenance and Adri in the Health Department.
For sure, they are family-oriented. Her brother, Caleb, is the youth minister at Liberty Chapel, and Ike loves this group. Adri noted that Ike is involved in everything the older ones do. “I love to be with my brothers.” Knowing he only had one, I looked at him. He gave me to know that his brother-in-laws are his brothers, too. They all play together, pray together and stay together. Can’t get much better than that!
Shucks, out of room. Hopefully, you know these two a bit better, now. Couple of great kids! Certainly, I want to thank them for being my guests this week in ATC.
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.