Photo courtesy Crawfordsville PoliceK9 Donna is a valuable member of CPD.
Photo courtesy Crawfordsville Police

K9 Donna is a valuable member of CPD.
When Chief Norman asked me to write an article about my canine partner I thought it would be easy. As I began to write I found that it was not quite as easy as I believed it would be. Thinking about what K9 Donna and I have been involved in the past five years and what we have done this year so far, shows me that she is a valuable tool for the department and the community as a whole.

K9 Donna and I are a certified narcotics detection team through the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA). She is trained in the detection of narcotics. The narcotics that she is trained to detect are marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. We continue to train on average 16 hours a month. We are fortunate to have a good working relationship with the K9 handlers of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Clinton County Sheriff's Office, Boone County Sheriff's Office, Lebanon Police Department and the Kirkland Town Marshall. We have the opportunity to train together twice a month. During the training we work on obedience, narcotics searches of vehicles and buildings, tracking and aggression work. Having other K9 handlers available to assist in training and to point out different training techniques is very valuable to the K9 program. All members in the training group are members of NAPWDA.

Over the course of the last five years, K9 Donna has been used to conduct open air searches of motor vehicles for patrol officers on our department as well as other agencies as requested. K9 Donna has also been used during search warrants, probation checks, school searches and public demonstrations.

K9 Donna is with me at all times on patrol. She lives with my family and me and fits in quite well. When I start to get ready for duty, K9 Donna knows that it is time to go to work. Out of the kennel she comes, then a few laps around the yard and ready to load into the vehicle for another tour. We never know what the evening will bring when we start. Some nights we may just drive around and never be requested. Other nights we may be requested multiple times. Regardless of how the tour ends, I know that we are making a difference.

Sergeant Russell Keller

Crawfordsville Police Department.