The Primary Election May 6 will be conducted in twenty-seven precincts in Montgomery County with the assistance of at least 135 poll workers. Each of the precincts will be staffed with an "Election Board" consisting of an Inspector, a Republican and Democratic Clerk, and a Republican and Democratic Judge.

Being a poll worker can be an enjoyable experience and an opportunity to participate in the election process. Poll workers receive compensation and are provided meals during the day. Our democracy depends on individuals willing to serve in this capacity, and election and party officials are usually eager to have new people offer to help at the polls.

To be eligible to serve as a poll worker, an individual must be:

• A resident of the county

• Registered voter in the county

Poll Workers will be given training and instruction by Montgomery County Clerk Jennifer Bentley and Voter Registration Officer Karyn Douglas. The Poll Worker Training for the May Primary will be held for Clerks and Judges on Monday, April 28 and Thursday May 1 at 6 p.m. in the Community Room of the Crawfordsville Public Library. Clerks and Judges may attend whichever training is most convenient. Inspectors will receive special training on Saturday, May 3, at 10 a.m. at the Court House.

What responsibilities do poll workers have? Poll workers first set up the polling place before the polls open. Under federal and state laws, the polling place must be located in an "accessible facility" for elderly voters and voters with disabilities. The polling place must meet specific accessibility standards established under federal law. Poll workers should receive detailed information about accessibility requirements at the training.

Poll Workers check in voters and explain to them how ballots are cast, explain the features of the voting system, and answer questions voters might have about the voting machines. Should any problems arise at the polling place related to Poll Books or machines mal-function, contact is made immediately with the County Clerk. At the end of the day, poll workers restore the polling place to its original condition and return election supplies, voting machines, and ballots to the Court House.

Additional Poll Workers are needed for the May 6 election. Anyone interested in serving in this important function should call Karyn Douglas at 364-6437. The LWV applauds the many civic minded individuals who serve as poll workers to make democracy work and encourages others to consider offering to be a poll worker this May.

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